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The latest options in dental implants


A snapshot of dental implants to aid dental practices in improving patient outcomes.

50 years after their initial popularization, dental implants continue to change the dental industry at staggering rates. They’ve gone from being an expensive, aspirational solution to edentulism to an option considered mainstream by many dental professionals and patients. They’ve gone from tricky placements with shaky esthetic options to full-digital workflows that can nearly guarantee proper placement and patient acceptance.

implant image

Photo: gmutlu/Getty Images

In the next few pages, you’ll see some of the latest advances in dental implants technology. You’ll see some of the newest systems, and how breakthroughs in material and surgical technology are changing what dentists can do-and what patients can hope for. This is innovation at its best.


OsseoSpeed implant from DENTSPLY Implants



OsseoSpeed Profile EV

It is well documented that crestal bone resorbs after tooth extraction or tooth loss, often in a sloped direction. This occurs even when an implant is immediately placed. With OsseoSpeed Profile EV, users can optimize soft tissue esthetics by preserving bone 360 degrees around the implant in sloped ridge situations. OsseoSpeed Profile EV is designed to provide 360° bone preservation in sloped ridge situations. It can help reduce the need for bone augmentation, provides one-position-only placement of all indexed components, utilizes self-guiding impression components for an accurate and predictable workflow and demonstrates a significant increase in width of keratinized mucosa in patients with compromised soft tissue.

  |  dentsplyimplants.com



Glidewell Hahn implants



The BruxZir® / Hahn™ Tapered Implant Bundle

The world’s most prescribed zirconia restoration is now packaged with the Hahn™ Tapered Implant and all the prosthetic components needed to restore the edentulous space. Engineered to be simple, straightforward and cost-effective, the BruxZir™ Implant Bundle reportedly is a complete case solution designed to maximize efficiency while providing the function and esthetics that clinicians and patients demand. For about the same price as a crown and custom abutment, everything needed to replace a tooth is included, offering a one-stop solution for implant restorations. The bundle provides predictable treatment costs and reduces the need to keep a supply of implants and prosthetic components on hand.

Glidewell Dental
  |  glidewelldental.com/bundle


Hi-Tec implants


Hi-Tec Implants Multi-System 

Building on 25 years of research and rich clinical experience in many countries around the world, Hi-Tec Implants seeks to develop products that offer long-term compatibility with implant dentistry. Hi-Tec’s goal is to provide the most technologically advanced products, to help dentists develop their practice and to provide patients with the ultimate in dental care. Hi-Tec Implants offers an extensive range of dental implants, prosthetic elements and surgical tools. Along with this wide range of products, Hi-Tec Implants provides all necessary backup support, focuses on excellent client service and comprehensive training programs. 

972-9-9587775 | hitec-implants.com






AnyRidge® Implant System

With its patented and innovative KnifeThread™ design, the AnyRidge Implant System reportedly delivers superior surgical performance, more primary stability, the ability to load immediately and better esthetic outcomes, even in the most challenging applications. AnyRidge has a single prosthetic platform and provides platform switching. The design, which features 10 implant diameters with three core sizes, allows users to select the thread diameter to match the bone density for maximum implant stability-the softer the bone, the wider the thread.  
IDS Implants
  |  idsimplants.com








Created by the inventor of the internal hex connection, the Legacy™ System reportedly offers industry compatibility as well as considerable versatility and design advantages. Legacy implants feature Implant Direct’s patented micro-threads for increased stability and double-lead threads for faster insertion. The system is designed to provide the greatest range of choice with seven diameter and six length options. The implants differ in thread design, self-tapping features, packaging and available options. The inclusive packaging options are designed to support a range of case types and make it easy to have the items you need on hand.
Implant Direct
  |  implantdirect.com





C1 implants

The C1 features a conical connection, conical shape, micro-rings, platform switching design and color-coded platforms. Implants are packaged with a cover screw and sterile final drill. The surface is particle blasted and acid-etched for optimal osseointegration. The C1’s differential drilling protocol enables moderate bone compression at the top of the implant for mechanical stability while limiting compression at the apical 1/3 for rapid bone growth. The C1 is available in 3.3-5.0 mm diameters and 8-16 mm lengths.

MIS implants
  |  mis-implants.com






NobelParallel Conical Connection

The NobelParallel Conical Connection combines best-in-class features from the successful Brånemark and NobelSpeedy Groovy parallel-walled implant systems with an advanced internal connection. It reportedly marks the latest breakthrough in Nobel Biocare’s long-standing pursuit of innovation that benefits both patients and clinicians. NobelParallel Conical Connection is designed for universal use in all bone qualities and for a wide range of indications. With implant sizes ranging from a 3.75 mm Narrow Platform variant to a 5.5 mm Wide Platform option, NobelParallel Conical Connection can be used in both the anterior and the posterior.

Nobel Biocare
  |  nobelbiocare.com




MOR Mini Dental Implant

The MOR can be used for denture connection or crown and bridge fixation. It is a self-tapping, small diameter, one-piece implant with a 1.8 mm ball attachment that is intended for long-term or transitional applications in the bone of the patient’s upper or lower arch. The MOR features the OSSEOs surface treatment for expedited osseointegration and is available in 2.1 and 2.4 mm implant diameters and 10, 13 and 15 mm lengths. The MOR Mini Dental Implant is described as the equivalent to the 3M™/IMTEC® MDI. The 3M™/IMTEC® MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used. The precision manufacturing of the MOR reportedly produces the highest quality implants and prosthetic components at an excellent value to the clinician.







Thommen Medical implant options

Thommen Medical is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of a dental implant system with a reputation for incredible precision and impactful design. Thommen prides itself on being committed to creating essential products that satisfy customers’ high expectations. With solutions such as the INICELL surface, the award-winning MONO torque ratchet, or a screw design that reportedly offers maximum prosthetic flexibility, Thommen strives to offer effective products that allow the clinician to care for their patient without compromise.

Thommen Medical






3.1mmD Eztetic™ Implant

The 3.1mmD Eztetic™ Implant reportedly offers a strong, esthetic solution for narrow anterior spaces and is designed to offer improvements over similar commercially available implants, particularly in the areas of strength and primary stability. Three concepts have been combined to create a precise implant-abutment connection designed to reduce micromovement and microleakage. This connection consists of a conical interface, platform switch and Double Friction-Fit™ technology. The Eztetic implant-abutment connection, along with a Contour Abutment profile, is designed to provide space for soft tissue and esthetic emergence of the restoration. The 3.1mmD Eztetic Implant is manufactured by Zimmer Dental, part of the Zimmer Biomet dental division.

Zimmer Biomet

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