Kuraray Noritake launches CERABIEN ZR FC Paste Stain

Kuraray America, Inc. today announced a United States launch of 27 shades of CERABIEN™ ZR FC Paste Stain for a wide variety of post-sintered characterizations.

The product delivers easy reproduction of blue-grayish transparency effects for the incisal area. Two types of glaze (Glaze and Clear Glaze) facilitate control of transparency across the entire crown.

FC Paste Stain can be baked at 750°C /1382°F during fabrication of full-zirconia restorations, a lower temperature than conventional external stains.

The product may be combined with KATANA™ Zirconia UTML, STML and ML discs, as well as the new KATANA™ Zirconia blocks to optimize esthetic outcomes for full-zirconia restorations.

Available for initial orders through Zahn Dental, Henry Schein, Inc. for shipment at the end of April.

Features and benefits:

  • Paste type external stain, easy-to-control appearance

  • Available in 27 shades, a full complement of blue and gray shades for natural fluorescence

  • Can be baked at 750°C/1382°F, lower than conventional external stain temperature

  • Suitable for wide range of clinical applications, and can also be used on both CZR Layered and CZR Press crowns