Kuraray Noritake introduces KATANA cleaner


Kuraray Noritake has introduced an all-purpose, universal intraoral and restoration cleaner, KATANA™. 

KATANA’s formulation is said to eliminate the weakening of bond strength after cementation, which happens as a result of contamination from saliva and blood in the oral cavity. KATANA is said to have a high cleaning effect due to its surface-active characteristic MDP salt and has a low pH value of 4.5 that enables intraoral of extraoral use.

This all-purpose cleaner is designed for tooth structure, including cavities, abutments, and root canals; and prosthetics, such as ceramics, resin-based materials, metals, and posts. KATANA is said to allow for easy and fast workflows, said to require just two steps-application and rinse and dry. Plus, KATANA reportedly only takes 10 seconds of rubbing time.

“Kuraray Noritake has transformed itself into what it is today: a multidimensional business entity with the high caliber to offer products and technologies to a wide range of industries,” said Dr. Dinesh Weerasinghe, senior technical and marketing manager at Kuraray Noritake. “We are committed to our partnership with the dental community and will continue to serve them with innovative solutions that help them provide better care to their patients. KATANA Cleaner is yet another solution professionals can rely on for strength, efficacy, and the ability to perform as a true universal cleaning agent in dentition or prosthetic cases.”

For more information, visit kuraray.com.

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