Kuraray Noritake Dental launches KATANA Bonding Kit

This multi-layered translucent zirconia is now available for chairside use with the CEREC system.

Kuraray Noritake Dental introduces KATANA™ Bonding Kit, which contains PANAVIA™ SA Cement Plus and CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick.

KATANA™ is an original multi-layered translucent zirconia, now available for chairside use with the CEREC® system.

As most dentists conventionally prefer to cement their zirconia restorations with resin modified glass ionomer (RMGI) cement, this kit will reportedly allow them to follow the same protocol as RMGI but with the added confidence of Kuraray’s legendary MDP monomer in the resin cement.

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CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick (which can also be used for direct restorations) is said to enhance the bond strength when retention is questionable (i.e., short clinical preps). In addition, it can be used with PANAVIATM SA Cement Plus without any dual-cure activator.

KATANA™ Bonding Kit will be available from all authorized dealers and available for order in September.

For more information, call 800-879-1676 or visit kuraraydental.com.