Kleer to launch pilot platform in September 2017

The cloud-based dental care plan is said to connect dentists directly with patients.

Due to the high costs of most dental insurance premiums, less than 1 percent of Americans obtain dental benefits as part of a medical plan. Instead, they choose to either pay out of pocket or forgo necessary dental care. This growing trend causes problems for many dentists as they struggle to get patients through the door. This is about to change.

Kleer, a cloud-based, in-house dental care plan that connects dentists directly with patients, announced that its pilot launch will kick off in September 2017.

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By cutting out the insurance middleman, Kleer’s transformative platform reportedly helps dentists easily attract uninsured and underinsured patients by giving them tools to create and customize their own in-house plan in less than 15 minutes. Since Kleer has eliminated the hassle and cost of a middleman, dentists will reportedly receive 90 percent of all payments made by a patient.

Dentists can easily sign up for the Kleer Platform through Kleer’s website. Kleer is free to implement, simple to manage, patient friendly, HIPPA compliant, and will reportedly lead to measurable growth by giving patients a convenient way to get affordable care.