Kempii releases eco-friendly toothbrush


The brush is designed to be biodegradable using a bamboo alternative, Bambuplast.

Kempii Toothbrush

Kempii has released an environmentally-friendly toothbrush. Designed using Bambuplast, a safe, green, and bamboo alternative, the Kempii brush is said to reduce the growth of mold compared to its plastic counterparts.

Bamboo brushes encourage the growth of mold, and brushing using a moldy toothbrush can introduce mycotoxins into the body, according to a press release from Kempii. The brush is designed to be free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates for a healthy mouth and its soft biopolymer bristles offer a deep clean without damage.

"We wanted to provide a green solution that people actually can use in the long run. Besides the health risks, bamboo toothbrushes feel and taste unpleasant. We have the selfless intention to make the world greener, but we are also aiming to offer a solution to the wooden taste, higher prices, and risk of toxin exposure,” said Kempii founder Daniel Ewen. “A green alternative should be essential for our futures in reaching the maximum ecological lifestyle. They should be the safer option for both children and pregnant women."

Additionally, the Kempii brush has the feel of a normal toothbrush without the ‘wooden’ taste of bamboo brushes. It is also biodegradable.

The name Kempii comes from Lepidochelys kempii, the world’s smallest and most endangered sea turtle, which is near extinction. With the purchase of a brush, one will be supporting kempii rescue organizations.

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