KaVo Kerr releases Nexus Universal adhesive resin cement

KaVo Kerr has released Nexus™ Universal, a universal adhesive resin cement that is designed to allow the clinician to cut their procedure steps by up to half, all while reportedly delivering up to two times higher bond strength on any substrate, KaVo Kerr said in a statement.

Nexus Universal is also said to offer a flexible workflow to accommodate a clinician’s preferred cementation technique and stay confident in a strong bond.

“Nexus Universal provides the simplicity and flexibility clinicians are looking for in esthetic restorations when color stability and bond strength is required,” Yoshita Chaudhri, senior marketing manager at KaVo Kerr said. “With Nexus Universal, clinicians have the choice of using a primer or not, light curing, using a dual-cure activator, or skipping those steps entirely with a quick dark cure. They can continue using their preferred protocols and be confident in a strong bond.”

Nexus Universal is said to be the first cement to offer total dark-cure compatibility with any leading universal bonding agent, including OptiBond adhesives. Additionally, this resin cement is available in a kit that includes OptiBond™ Universal, which provides one of the highest bond strengths in dark-cure or self-cure mode. Nexus Universal also offers easy One-Peel™ cleanup.

For more information, visit kerrdental.com.