KaVo Kerr Group Appoints Global Marketing Communications Team

June 11, 2014
KaVo Kerr Group

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-06-01, Issue 6

The KaVo Kerr Group is a $2 billion global portfolio of 16 industry-leading brands that serves 99% of dental practices worldwide.

The KaVo Kerr Group is a $2 billion global portfolio of 16 industry-leading brands that serves 99% of dental practices worldwide.


Following the impressive roll out of 20 new products at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting this February, the KaVo Kerr Group is now building a Marketing Communications team to manage the stories and opportunities that link these remarkable brands.

Carsten Franke (right) will lead the team as Senior Director for Global Marketing, KaVo Kerr Group. After nearly 20 years in the dental industry, Carsten’s leadership is synonymous with boldness and creativity. His many successes with the DEXIS and Gendex brands demonstrate his ability to align product values with the core needs of dental professionals. In this new role, he will bring a global perspective to framing the KaVo Kerr Group story that spans Hygiene, Restorative, Traditional Equipment, Imaging, Specialty and Special Markets.

Joining Carsten in this effort is Thais Carter (left) as Senior Manager for PR/Media Relations, KaVo Kerr Group. Having been at the helm of Dental Products Report for the last five years, Carter is uniquely positioned to help manage the narrative of how each of the brands and products within KaVo Kerr Group are creating value for dental professionals and the patients they serve. Her award-winning editorial background will ensure that the KaVo Kerr Group message is about valuable content and clinical relevance that help dental professionals confidently optimize their work and lives.

“There are so many outstanding stories to be told around the innovations coming out of the KaVo Kerr Group – we owed it to those brands to assemble the best possible team to deliver that message,” said Henk van Duijnhoven, president of KaVo Kerr Group globally. “Carsten Franke and Thais Carter represent two incredibly original, strategic minds. They will bring purpose and passion to KaVo Kerr Group’s mission to inspire best practices.”

The new team will be working with media outlets to put all KaVo Kerr Group news into meaningful context, improving the conversation around smart dental innovation that matters and empowering dental professionals to confidently employ that innovation.

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