Karl Schumacher Dental launches new instruments and products

The award-winning dental instrument and product company, Karl Schumacher Dental, LLC marks its 70th year in business with the debut of a new line of premium regenerative products, PrecísPoint™ Sutures and the ExcaliBur™ Premium Dental Burs.

“After years of satisfaction with instruments and service from Karl Schumacher, top dentists requested additional products to complement the instruments in their practices,” says Jon Watsabaugh, managing director. “We are proud to add a comprehensive family of products and instruments that complement our current instrument offerings.”

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The new family of regenerative products includes Allograft, Xenograft, Synthetic, Collagen Membranes and Dental Wound Dressings. The Allograft Particulate, Putty and Paste reportedly contain 100-percent human Demineralized Bone Matrix and BMP-2, free from additive excipients required in other products for improved handling. Karl Schumacher offers both a Xenograft-derived bone graft matrix and a synthetic calcium phosphate bone graft matrix. The Xenograft particulate is an osteoconductive, porous, anorganic bone mineral with carbonate apatite structure derived from porcine cancellous bone. The Composite Putty is a Synthetic Mineral-Collagen Composite bone graft matrix for use in bone repair during oral surgeries.

Karl Schumacher’s Collagen Membranes are said to be ideal for guided bone regeneration, socket preservation, alveolar ridge reconstruction, and augmentation around implants placed in immediate extraction or delayed extraction sockets. When wound dressing is needed during dental surgery, the Foam, Plug and Tape dressing is designed to work in moist environments, control bleeding and protects the wound from further injury.

Using the ideal alloy to create premium suture needles, the 300 series stainless-steel PrecísPoint’s unique laser-drilled needles are designed to reduce tissue disruption. The silicone-coated needle reportedly ensures a smoother tissue passage and with a finer point geometry, the needle stays sharper after multiple penetrations. The needle diameter is engineered to adjust according to the size of the attached suture material for a smooth transition from the needle to the suture.

The ExcaliBur series of burs is said to reduce heat, minimize vibration and provide maximum cutting efficiency. Every bur is manufactured using state-of-the-art, Swiss made, 5-axis milling machines for precise detail. The strength of the material used, combined with the single-piece construction, dissipates stress throughout the bur, reduces the risk of breakage and cuts 2.5 times faster than leading burs.

The new instruments and products join a line of dental instruments of the better grade, including the award-winning Proximator®. For more information about the complete offering of instruments and products, visit www.karlschumacher.com.