Johnson-Promident, JP Solutions launch 3 new products


The companies announced new diamond polishers, prophy angles and prophy paste.

Johnson-Promident and its sister company, JP Solutions, recently launched three new products.

Johnson-Promident’s SPIRALS All-Surface Diamond Polishers are a line of flexible, diamond-impregnated polishers for finishing and polishing composites, porcelain, glass ionomers and ceramic materials. They are designed to reach all tooth surfaces and are long-lasting and autoclavable. Johnson-Promident’s SPIRALS All-Surface Diamond Polishers are available in three-pack refills in coarse, medium, or fine, or in a six-piece kit containing two polishers of each grit. The polishers complement Johnson-Promident’s other rotary instrument product lines, including finishing and polishing instruments, diamond burs and award-winning carbide burs.

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The new and improved Ecotex Disposable Prophy Angles from JP Solutions are said to have an ultra-strong construction to reduce vibrations and an improved gear design to offer even smoother running. Ecotex Disposable Prophy Angles are latex-free and have a ribbed cup.  Each prophy angle is individually wrapped and lubricated.

In keeping with the principles of the Ecotex brand, a unique new Ecotex Disposable Prophy Angles packaging design reportedly reduces the use of packaging materials and fuel consumption by about 40 percent and uses recycled materials and biodegradable inks. The smaller package also takes up much less space on an office shelf.

Dazzle Prophy Paste, a new line from JP Solutions, is non-splattering and rinses completely and easily. It contains 1.23% fluoride and is gluten-free. Dazzle Prophy Paste is available in a variety of flavors and grits. It also reportedly compares to other leading brands at about half the price.

For more information on Johnson-Promident, call 800-210-8945 or visit

For more information on JP Solutions, call 845-589-0215, visit, or contact your dealer.

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