Ivoclar Vivadent announces finalists for the 2016 IPS e.max Smile Award

Ivoclar Vivadent has announced the finalists for the 2016 IPS e.max Smile Awards.

The finalists for the IPS e.max Smile Award 2016 have been selected.

The panel of experts has decided: For each of the three regions represented in the contest, they have selected three teams whose work they found particularly exciting. Hundreds of teams, each consisting of a dentist and dental technician, submitted their case presentations accompanied by written and photographic documentation. Now the panel only has to decide who will be awarded first, second and third place. The final results will be announced at the award ceremonies in Madrid/Spain. The ceremonies will take place on 10 June 2016, on the eve of the 3rd International Expert Symposium organized by Ivoclar Vivadent.

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The IPS e.max Smile Award is an international contest launched to find the best dental cases solved with the IPS e.max all-ceramic system. A panel of experts has been set up to evaluate all the projects submitted with regard to esthetics, complexity and harmony and select the winners. The winners will receive worldwide attention: their works will be presented at professional events and in the dental media.

The following teams have been shortlisted for the IPS e.max Smile Award 2016: Asia-Pacific: Dr. Jineel Ham and HaSeong Yoo (Korea), Dr. Baijun Sun and Benhui Du (China), Dr. Tetsuya Uchiyama and Michiro Manaka (Japan). Europe-Middle East-Africa: Anna Giorgadze and Ilias Psarris (Greece), Prof. Dr Petra Gierthmühlen and Udo Plaster (Germany), Dr. Ferran Llansana and Juan Sampol Reus (Spain). North America and Latin America: Dr. Gabriela Pappaterra and Libardo García Tolosa (Colombia), C.D. Lucio Armando Quevado Hernández and Ramon Sanchez Hernández (Mexiko) and Dr Luis Sanchez and Alic Alen (USA).

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A high standard

The members of the panel were genuinely impressed with the quality of the work they received.  "To choose the winners was rather difficult as all the cases showed beautiful parts and details," explains Gonzalo Zubiri (Argentina). Oliver Brix (Germany) confirms: "It was fun and very interesting to see the different workflows and concepts behind the cases." Dr. Jiang Shan (China) emphasizes the inspiration involved in many cases: "Because creation begins from perfect imitation, being a member of the panel for the IPS e.max Smile Award was a great opportunity for me to get inspired for my own work, too.”