Ivoclar to Preimier '100 Minutes of Education'

To celebrate the company's 100th anniversary, it will host a free, on-demand webinar on April 21.

To mark the company’s 100th anniversary, Ivoclar has announced a new on-demand free webinar series that will launch on April 21. The webinar, “One Hundred Minutes of Education”,  will evaluate the past, present, and future of innovation in dentistry with special guests from around the world.

Separated into 5 parts for convenience, this program will cover the following topics:

  • A look back at how far the dental industry has come
  • Current ways to improve patient satisfaction in a clinical setting through efficient esthetics
  • The impact of all-ceramic materials
  • How a digital denture workflow can benefit the dental laboratory, clinicians, and the patient.

The series will conclude with a panel discussion event where a wide range of industry experts will discuss the future of the dental profession and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Panelists will include Dr Saiesha Mistry, who will discuss esthetic dentistry trends throughout Asia; Dr Roshan Parikh, who will comment on the growth of group practices; Sascha Heinze, who will analyze advancing technology from a dental laboratory perspective; and Dr Victor Clavijo, who will touch on social media and patient education.

The program will also feature several well-known presenters, including Dr Eduardo Mahn, Dr Lyndon Cooper, and Dr Andrea Ricci, as well as Ivoclar’s Drs Thomas Hirt and George Tysowsky.

"We are excited to host such an exciting program in 2023,” said Dr Tysowsky, Ivoclar’s head of global training and education, according to a press release from the company. “It honors our beginnings as leaders in the dental education field, while also serving as a thank you to all of our dedicated customers and partners, who helped make this milestone a reality.”

Registration for the “100 Minutes of Education” webinar is open now. Registrants have the option of attending 1 or all 5 of the presentations.