Ivoclar Announces Solar Energy Investment for Corporate Headquarters

Ivoclar’s North American corporate headquarters in Amherst, New York will be powered by solar energy as a way to boost sustainability and protect the planet.

Ivoclar North America has announced an investment in solar energy for its Amherst, New York corporate headquarters. This clean energy project will cost $1 million and is projected to supply the facility with 750 MWh of energy per year, according to a press release from Ivoclar. This will help the facility fully transition from fossil fuel energy to solar energy through its use of 1,640 solar panels.

Ivoclar estimates that 65% of its annual energy requirement will be generated by this project. The solar panels used were installed by Buffalo Solar, which was co-founded by Tyler Uebelhoer, who also acts as the company’s CEO.

“We were thrilled to get to work with like-minded individuals at Ivoclar on this project,” Uebelhoer said in the press release. “They were very responsive to the environmental aspects of the solar project, which is not that common. We love it when our customers care as much as we do about making a real difference.”

All of this is a part of Ivoclar’s commitment to the environment, according to the press release. Ivoclar North America has also created a task force to continue these sustainability initiatives, such as eco-friendly packaging and transportation. This is in part a mission to improve both oral care and the environment according to President of Ivoclar North America, Christian Brutzer.

“We are moving deliberately forward to reduce our carbon emission footprint in our locality and worldwide as part of Ivoclar’s global commitment to improving the environment and addressing climate change.”