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Dentimax practice management software has been serving the dental industry for several years now. But the latest release, DentiMax 2013, boasts a number of new features that make life even easier for the entire practice.

Dentimax practice management software has been serving the dental industry for several years now. But the latest release, DentiMax 2013, boasts a number of new features that make life even easier for the entire practice.

This latest release includes innovations in paperless, digital imaging, scheduling and reporting technology not found in other systems. With electronic prescription writing, tight x-ray/charting integration and “live” patient insurance status updates, Dentimax has taken dental software technology to a new level.

Here we take an inside look at how a pair of practices are benefitting from DentiMax 2013.

Joann Carr, practice of Dr. Robert Carr

Joann Carr, the office manager for her husband’s general dentistry/orthodontics practice in Umatilla, Ore., has worked with practice management software for three decades. She loves what the added features with DentiMax 2013 allow her to do and it makes her life easy, even when she spends many days running the practice’s day-to-day operations while offsite.

“We’ve been computerized in the office since 1982, so I’ve got lots of experience,” said Joann. “I have a unique situation, but it’s also something that you’ll see in an office that has more than one location.”

Joann spends time every week with her teen-aged daughter who attends school some 5 hours away in northwest Washington. But thanks to DentiMax, she is able to work full time as the office manager.

“With the Task Manager and Office Messaging modules it’s as if I’m right in the office,” she said. “If I need to do something or I need them to do something, I put it on the Task Manager. If we have a question, we use inter office messaging. It works very well.”

The software also allows Dr. Carr to address emergency situations and review x-rays even while he’s in Washington with the family.
Joann loves the Electronic Prescription Writing module for a number of reasons. It tracks all of the medications patients are on and can provide information on allergies, drug interactions and even lets dentists know if the patient is  getting multiple pain relievers from multiple places. “It’s a powerful tool and it’s wonderful,” she said. 

They also enjoy how customizable the Scheduler Module is. Joann takes advantage of this to schedule certain hygienists for certain times and cases, to block schedule, plus this allows her to free up Dr. Carr on some Thursday afternoons to accommodate his family visits.“There is so much power and flexibility,” she said. “You also can set it up to schedule certain amounts of production each day. You tell it what you want to achieve and it takes care of the rest.”

Using the software’s interface for text message and email confirmations has meant a great time savings. Joann used to spend about two hours a day on the phone and now handles these tasks in 15 minutes. “I don’t have to lift a finger and it sends everyone a text message on their birthday,” she said. “Also I determine how frequent these text reminders go out and we have almost no no-shows now.”

Another big plus is the online eligibility, which speeds up the whole claims process. “My job is to bill the patient and to handle the insurance and this makes my job so much easier,” she said. “Now with the attachments, it saves me 30 minutes per claim. I’ll send 20-30 claims a day, so this has been beyond awesome.”

When asked to sum up DentiMax 2013, she replied: “DentiMax is powerful and has better tech support. Its ease of use is the best. It is so able to be customized to each office.”

Nancy Bunday, RDH/office manager for Dr. Bunday

“We have used DentiMax for 7 years and love the product. We are currently using the 2013 version,” she said. “We are a small office and there are only two of us.”

Nancy, whose practice is located in Plano, Texas, shared the following thoughts on some of DentiMax’s features:

  • Electronic Prescription Writing. “We use this feature daily and have created many templates of the prescriptions used in our office. It makes it very quick and easy.”

  • Electronic Progress Notes/ Medical Notes. “We use this feature on every patient. It is very fast and easy to enter information and update medical and progress notes.”

  • Online Eligibility. “We haven’t used this feature but plan to implement this in 2013. We do file our claims electronically linked with DentalExchange. Great feature. Very quick turnaround time for insurance reimbursement.”

  • Office Messaging System. “We use this to communicate and it works well instead of walking between operatories.”

  • Advanced Scheduling . “We use the advanced scheduling all day every day on everyone. DentiMax 2013 has some great additions including lab case information and others.”
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