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Innovator Profile: Shofu

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2014-08-01
Issue 8

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with Shofu about emerging products and new materials.  

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with Shofu about emerging products and new materials.


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Q: What does Shofu offer that can make a huge difference, no matter what budget they might have?

A: At Shofu, we offer a series of innovative materials that allow for faster production of finished restorations. For instance, we offer One Shot MP and One Shot ZR (zirconia) Porcelain, which utilizes a single power build that matches the surrounding teeth or other restorations thereby eliminating the fear of a beautiful restoration not matching. 

That single step saves time, of course, but also allows the lab to avoid having to stockpile a huge quantity of partially used porcelain materials. It simplifies and streamlines the entire build-up process, allowing lab techs to more easily make highly esthetic restorations.

Second, our indirect restoratives that utilize light curing with gum colors are available in three delivery options. In order to ensure we’re meeting the needs of every lab, we have Ceramage paste, Ceramage flowable paste and Block HC CAD/CAM blocks. These options mean that labs of any size are able to find a Shofu option that fits their requirements, both esthetically and financially, providing Shofu quality to a variety of workflows.

We also offer Veracia SA, semi-anatomical teeth with the innovative Q3 Pack system for consistent delivery of the posterior quadrant at one time. The Q3 Pack saves time in the preparation and finishing of removables.

Finally, DuraGreen Dia is our Dura Green Stones with diamond impregnation. This product creates faster and superior finishes with no contamination.

Q: What were you hearing from labs that led to the development of the One Shot Uni-layer HT and the Veracia SA Q3 Pack?

A: The Q3 Pack and One-Shot porcelain can elevate the skill level of a new denture technician to that of a more highly skilled technician in just minutes. Both replace a much more expansive workflow with just a single solution, providing excellent results in a fraction of the time, enabling even new technicians to provide a highly esthetic outcome.

The One Shot concept met the need to match a single tooth quickly and consistently every time for the technician. It provides a one-step process instead of a constant, many-level build-up as has been necessary in the past.

Q: How can Ceravety Press & Cast be used to dramatically improve a lab’s workflow?

A: Ceravety Press & Cast eliminates the reaction layer that plagues most press and cast restorations. This ensures much better results, ensuring excellent bonding between the crown material and the metal. Additionally, Ceravety Press & Cast works with the most popular restorative materials, and also works to prevent stress and cracks.  

Click here to read about how Shofu is committed to helping labs succeed in today's market.


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Q: How is Shofu committed to helping labs of all sizes succeed in today’s market?

A: Shofu’s commitment to all labs is to provide superior products at an outstanding value that benefit every skill level of technician. We believe we have better product pricing with superior quality and durability, all geared toward streamlining the technician’s job. We know how much pressure labs find themselves under, trying to complete a mountain of work as quickly as possible, and we feel that our products will help every lab technician get the quality they want in a more efficient way.

With products like the ones we’ve talked about, we feel we meet our commitment for all labs and all technicians. Try Shofu today to see for yourself how our innovative solutions can simplify your daily operations!

Featured Products

One Shot Uni-Layer HT (Now available for Press!)

One Shot’s unique characteristics achieve the optimal aesthetics of multi-layered porcelain in a fraction of the time. Just one powder builds to full contour, saving time, energy and cost. One Shot has the potential to increase the laboratory’s productivity exponentially by expediting the initial build-up process from hours to just minutes, all while producing a beautiful and natural looking restoration. Now available in Press Pellets, One Shot has made it even easier to save. One Shot can be used to create all-ceramic veneers, inlays and onlays.

Ceravety Press and Cast

This universal investment is formulated for use with both press ceramics and casting alloys using the ringless investment method. The investment features a six-minute working time and a 20-minute quick burnout at a temperature of 1,000?C (1,832?F) or less without a ring. When used with press ceramics, easy removal of the mold reduces the risk of ceramic chipping and the reduced stress also minimizes ceramic cracking. The investment powder comes in 100 gram foil packet in boxes of either 30 or 100 packets. The liquid comes in plastic bottles of 300mL or two liters.

VeraciaSA Denture Teeth

Veracia is a new semi-anatomical esthetic denture tooth composed of microfilled hybrid composite reinforced with layers of glass. The teeth are specifically designed to self-articulate during occlusion through strategically placed fissures and grinding facets. The system also includes the patented “Q3 Pack,” which can set up four individual posterior teeth at once. Accordingly, a simple and unmistakable alignment is achieved reducing setup time, improving patient comfort, and all but eliminating grinding corrections by the dentist.


Ceramage is a zirconium silicate micro ceramic that creates indirect restorations that exhibit virtually the same light transmission as natural teeth, maintaining a remarkable translucency. Ceramage bonds to a variety of substructures including non-precious and high noble alloys. Full gum colors are the ideal material to restore complete gingival anatomy. This gingival modification technique is especially useful on implant cases and previously fixed porcelain restorations. Ceramage bleach shades fulfill the desire of today’s patient for a young, healthy, white smile.


This article originally appeared in the July/August 2014 issue of Dental Lab Products. For articles on other great techniques and upcoming lab products, click here to subscribe to DLP's newsletter bit.ly/dentallabenews.

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