iCoreConnect acquires ICDLogic

The merger could help customers navigate the complex world of ICD-10 codes.

iCoreConnect Inc. announces its acquisition of ICDLogic, an innovator in clinical documentation improvement and ICD-10 coding solutions. Cypher, developed by ICDLogic, is a cloud-based software. It accelerates process of accurate and specific ICD-10 diagnostic code assignment and clinical documentation for reimbursement.

“We’re very impressed with ICDLogic’s Cypher software suite and its superior speed and performance,” notes iCoreConnect President and CEO Robert McDermott. “iCoreConnect customers have become accustomed to our cloud-based software substantially increasing daily efficiency in healthcare settings. ICDLogic is a natural fit for our software offerings and we believe the acquisition makes sense for our customers as well as our shareholders.”

Established in 2013, ICDLogic was founded to help providers with the overwhelming task of navigating the many regulatory changes taking place in the healthcare environment. “Today, there are more than 70,000 ICD-10 codes,” says ICDLogic CEO Monique Fayad. “Using traditional coding resources like code books or lookup tools can take 30 minutes or longer to accurately code a complex patient encounter. Inaccurate and unspecified codes can trigger claim denials, queries and audits that drain clinical and administrative resources. With Cypher by ICDLogic, complex diagnoses can be precisely and accurately documented and coded in fewer than five minutes.” In addition, Cypher enables healthcare providers and administrators to become ICD-10 proficient in minutes, with minimal cost or downtime for education and training.

Cypher by ICDLogic goes beyond rapid specific ICD-10 code assignment by incorporating expert-developed clinical documentation improvement guidance for underlying causes, complications and comorbidities relevant to a patient’s condition. “Our software uniquely assists healthcare providers to accurately document the complexity of care for each patient encounter, which is increasingly important with ICD-10 and value-based reimbursement under MACRA regulation,” Fayad adds.

ICDLogic’s current 1,000+ subscriber base will now be able to draw on the resources of iCoreConnect. Fayad said iCoreConnect’s commitment to relentless customer service was key to this move. “True responsiveness is a critical component missing in the marketplace today,” Fayad points out.