I Use That: Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling Systems


Why one hygienist prefers to use the Cavitron systems when it comes to treating patients.

Pat Martin, RDH, has used ultrasonic scalers throughout her more than 30-year dental career. Most of that time, she’s worked in Dr. Andrew Inge’s office in Pennsylvania and has depended on Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scaling Systems from Dentsply Sirona.

The Cavitron scaling systems provide many benefits to both her and her patients.

What hygienist Pat Martin says about Cavitron and the benefits of ultrasonic scaling

Over the course of my career, I have seen many changes in the way we practice dental hygiene. One of the greatest advances is the routine implementation of ultrasonic scaling. As a 1980s graduate of dental hygiene school, it took me a long time to embrace the idea of regularly using ultrasonics. We were taught it was only for “gross” scaling for heavy calculus, and the only way to effectively approach scaling and root planing was with hand instrumentation. The inserts were large and the units were not easily accessible.

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Fortunately, through advances in science, technology and design, we now know about the many advantages of ultrasonic instrumentation. Ultrasonic cavitation is able to disrupt the bacterial biofilm more effectively than hand scaling.  

I’ve relied on Cavitron systems for most of my career and found that they’re very dependable. The Cavitron system I currently use has a Dual Select option for medicament delivery that can be used for irrigation during scaling procedures. I’ve tried other brands and there’s a definite difference. The systems also have incorporated several unique ergonomic enhancements for the hygienist. For instance, the lightweight handpiece cable is designed to reduce strain on my wrists  so that I can continue to work for many years. There’s also a wireless foot pedal with Tap-On Technology, which turns on the system with a single foot tap.

Cavitron also offers many benefits for my patients. They spend less time in the chair listening to the sound of calculus and stain being removed. Patients love how quickly they can feel the difference, especially in the lower anterior areas. Utilizing ultrasonics produces less trauma to the tissue and tooth structure; there’s also less pressure applied to the patient’s jaw due to the lighter grasp. Patients who present with implants like the fact we’re taking the time to clean them safely with the specialized implant insert.

Knowing my patients are comfortable during their hygiene visits is very important to me. Not only do I want my patients to look forward to their hygiene appointment, but I want them to leave feeling good about the experience. This tends to enhance their compliance with treatment recommendations and makes them more likely to return for their recare appointments.

Using a Cavitron system for ultrasonic scaling makes patient treatment time more efficient. Hygienists no longer “just clean teeth.” The role of the hygienist has evolved to primary oral healthcare provider. Blood pressure screenings, risk assessments for dental caries and periodontal disease, and comprehensive medical history reviews are just a few of the many assessments included in every appointment.

Additionally, the ultrasonic inserts I use have greatly changed over the years. Earlier in my career, we basically had two - a wide flat insert and a “universal” insert. We now know that more than one insert is needed to achieve effective outcomes. The older generation inserts were primarily used to remove heavy supragingival calculus. Fortunately, the designs have changed, with thinner and curved designs allowing access into deeper pockets for both calculus and biofilm disruption. The Cavitron systems have made this change perfectly.

It’s important to utilize the appropriate insert for the varying levels of deposit. I use a thicker insert to remove moderate to heavy deposits and follow up with slimline inserts. I also prefer the FitGrip™ design of the ultrasonic inserts.

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Cavitron has been very dependable over the years, and to me, the Cavitron scaling systems are the premier scaling unit.

What Dr. Andrew Inge says about Cavitron

I have three observations about the Cavitron scaling systems. First, they do a great job. Second, our patients love them. Patients who haven’t had their teeth cleaned in a long time and who have heavy calculus often express their surprise at how easy the process has become. Third, I personally like them when I’m the patient. I’m probably one of only a few dentists who doesn’t like having my teeth cleaned, and I appreciate the gentleness and good results provided by the Cavitron scaling systems.

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