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I tried KaVo. I'm convinced.

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2010-06-01
Issue 6



Inertia is a powerful force, and doing things “because you’ve always done them that way” is an easy pattern to fall into. A practice can survive doing the same old, same old, but it is worth your while to scan the new landscape of dental technology, even if you’re not ready to cross over. Dr. Bill Busch, a general dentist in Kansas City, Mo., runs a high-tech, high-touch practice where keeping up with the latest in dental industry is part of the office DNA. He believes the new TryKaVo.com campaign can help more dentists do their own scouting and testing, without risk, in the comfort of their own practice.??Simply by visiting TryKaVo.com, dentists can select from a breadth of air and electric handpieces, DIAGNOdent caries detection device or the Prophy Wiz polisher. All are available for a free 5-day trial. The company covers the cost of shipping (both ways), allowing dental professionals a hassle-free, no-risk trial on any of a number of products.??“You can’t be afraid to try something new. Once you get used to a product you used in dental school, most people pretty much stay with that product and have an allegiance to it,” Dr. Busch said. “But you need to be willing to try new things because the technology is constantly evolving, it’s different, it’s better and it will make you faster and more efficient. TryKaVo.com allows more dentists to see that for themselves.” ??Here are excerpts from DPR’s conversation with Dr. Busch on what to look for in a handpiece and how the right equipment transforms the patient experience.

Prior to the TryKaVo campaign, you have been a loyal KaVo user. Why is KaVo the right choice for your practice?

We love KaVo. It’s the Mercedes of handpieces, and it handles so well. Other great features include the durability of the product and exemplary cutting performance.

In a practice like yours, with such a strong emphasis on technology, how does the handpiece fit into the overall office picture?

It’s one instrument that everyone has to use-there’s no way to get around the handpiece. It’s the dental profession’s stethoscope, if you will. With that level of use, you want to make sure it feels good, works well in your hand, and gets you in and out of a procedure as efficiently as possible. It shouldn’t be overlooked just because it is simple.

There are subtle differences in the way different handpieces feel-which makes a difference for the dentist and patient-as well as the chatter of the bur and the noise of the drill, which can be one of the biggest complaints patients have. All the KaVo Prestige collection handpieces operate below 60db, lower than the sound level of human conversation. We combine that with Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Now, the noise is no longer an objection in our practice-patients don’t hear it at all.

You have an obvious appreciation for the equipment. What about the organization itself? How would you rate KaVo’s customer service?

They are one of the best companies out there as far as customer service goes. My rep stops in once a month, whether he has something new or not, and asks me if I’m having any issues. Out of all the service and sundries companies, I think KaVo is one of the best as far as customer service goes, and the TryKaVo.com campaign is just the most recent evidence of that. They’ve always been very hands on, and now they’re talking it to the next level with innovative products such as ComfortDrive and TryKaVo.com.

What should dentists who use TryKaVo.com be looking for in their 5-day free trial?

Make sure you try the handpieces out with every procedure. Make sure that it’s light and feels good in your hand. If you haven’t considered electric handpieces before, you should take this chance to do so. With the electric package, you can get the fiber optic illumination.

Another great feature people should pay attention to is the mini head. There are no smaller heads in the industry that I know of. They allow you to get into the small places without worrying that the patient can’t open wide enough. That alone speaks to ease of use and accessibility-things I think docs should look for.

Some people may be apprehensive. What would you say to them?

You’ve got to try it to believe it. This is one of those things where until you try it, you can’t fully appreciate the difference. Even if you try it on just one procedure, the process behind the free trial is so easy. There’s no cost involved, and KaVo does the work for you. You just log on to website, select the handpiece and check out similar to any online e-commerce website.  

A new handpiece of KaVo quality can make a difference, so don’t let this opportunity go by. You owe it to yourself to try the best and latest technology, and your patients will love you for it. You can’t ask for anything better-both dentists and patients see the difference.

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  • I tried KaVo. I'm convinced.
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