Hu-Friedy rebrands as HuFriedyGroup

Hu-Friedy introduced HuFriedyGroup, the new dental division of Cantel Medical. This announcement follows Cantel’s completed acquisition of Hu-Friedy in October 2019. 

As the dental division of Cantel, HuFriedyGroup represents the union of brands, products, services, and solutions under one roof, including Crosstex, Accutron, SPSmedical, Palmero Healthcare, J & J Instruments, and Hu-Friedy.

Dental professionals looking to improve clinical outcomes, reduce risk, improve efficiencies, drive compliance, and enhance patient and staff safety are said to be able to take advantage of the unique solutions offered by this group, including premium instrumentation, comprehensive infection prevention services and support, and extensive education and community offerings.

"When we agreed to be acquired by Cantel, we knew it would be important that the identity of our dental division reflect the larger value that we are able to bring to the industry," said Ron Saslow, chairman, HuFriedyGroup. "We are excited about where we landed and feel that our new name reflects our desire to direct our combined resources and talent to provide more value to our customers and partners, as well as the patients who count on manufacturers, distributors and dental professionals to deliver safe conditions and optimal clinical care."

"Our new name, logo, and positioning are reflective of our ability to provide a broader customer experience, but in addition to that, the essence of HuFriedyGroup is based on the simple idea of providing best in practice products, services, and education so that our customers and partners can be best in practice as well," said Patrick Bernardi, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, HuFriedyGroup. 

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