How infiniDent can take EVERY lab digital

Dental Lab Products interviews Paul Stevents, Products Manager of Sirona Dental's infiniDent, about the digital service for labs.

infiniDent has been a service of Sirona Dental that has helped labs go digital for years-no matters the lab's size or level of CAD/CAM investment. Providing multiple services for labs, infiniDent offers models, milling and much more. We recently spoke with Paul Stevens, Product Manager for infiniDent, to learn about the latest offerings, what labs can expect in the future and much more.

infiniDent added some major services in the last 18 months. What are a few that were added that you’re most proud of?

We’ve worked very hard throughout the years to listen to our customers and provide services in demand. We now offer new removable prosthetic frameworks with several new offerings to come soon. I am proud of each and every component added to infiniDent. With each service added, we are further expanding the scope of what our infiniDent clients can offer to their own customers.

What do these options do for dental laboratories? 

infiniDent offers the most immediate services and products that a dental lab may require. With a full offering of services and a wide selection of materials, we help labs fulfill client requests. Models, milling and third-party services are right at their fingertips. infiniDent is there to supply the materials and services they need to sustain that business.

infiniDent is known for  offering open architecture options. How does this help your lab clients?

For many infiniDent customers, it provides that first taste of open architecture. It sets the lab on a course of expanded knowledge in its new digital workplace. Labs can use existing equipment and software; they can use third-party offerings; many choose to stay right here with infiniDent as we offer most of the options they are looking for. Moreover, they can also add options while eliminating some of the more unprofitable steps.

What does infiniDent offer to clients that other options do not?

infiniDent offers the widest variety of materials and services. As a company, Sirona reinforces and uses our industry know-how and knowledge by providing superior customer service, ongoing product and service education for our clients and technical support. Sirona and infiniDent cover all bases when it comes to products, service offerings and education.

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How does infiniDent benefit labs of every size?

One word-options! Not every lab requires the same products and services, regardless of the size. We can work with labs on special requests and keep an inventory of a large number of sizes and shades of particular materials that some smaller labs may not stock. They can do their everyday milling and, if the situation arises, use infiniDent for that shade or size they don’t normally use.

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How can dental labs discern if they are ready to make the jump to digital?

It is imperative they get into the digital game. At this point it is really not a matter of “if;” it is a matter of “when.” Once the commitment is made, there is a learning curve, but that is one example of exactly how infiniDent becomes a valuable resource. infiniDent is a part of a large, connected digital community, and if there’s a question that we can’t answer, it can be addressed by Sirona personnel or one of our many advocates.

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How does infiniDent help labs transition from needing an outsourcing partner to doing more in-house?

The most basic equipment needed to move toward a digital lab are a scanner and software. You can then use infiniDent for milling services and models until you decide to purchase a milling machine or printer. After that, you can use infiniDent in all ways as stated above. You may use infiniDent forever or you may become digitally self-sufficient.

How does infiniDent fit in with other Sirona offerings, like Sirona Connect or the inLab system?

When you talk about using infiniDent, you have to talk about using Sirona Connect. Labs can acquire their work conventionally, scan that work and send to infiniDent or go the total digital way of receiving their cases via Sirona Connect and then send to infiniDent. Either way works primarily the same once infiniDent receives the case; the difference is mainly on the lab side. All components of CAD/CAM offerings at Sirona are also components of infiniDent.

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What does Sirona have planned for infiniDent?

New products and services are always being evaluated. If you know anything about Sirona Dental, you know to stay tuned and watch the fireworks as they happen. I strongly recommend all lab professionals periodically visit our website for new items or establish a relationship with one of our territory representatives. You can also call me personally at 800-659-5977, ext. 1145, or email

Anything else you’d like to add?

It is important for all labs to stay abreast of what will ultimately affect your bottom line. infiniDent will be a valuable resource for years to come. Gain knowledge from their successes and failures, as there are plenty of both. And finally, don’t be afraid to challenge what you see-you may be part of the next big thing.