How to improve single-unit crown procedures


In this brief how-to video, dental professionals can learn how Dentsply Sirona's Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution offers improved results for restorative workflows.


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The single-unit crown procedure involves multiple steps, several visits on the part of the patient and involvement from the doctor, dental assistant and dental laboratory. Any misstep may put restoration longevity and profitability at risk.

Dentsply Sirona Restorative designed a complete solution to help deliver greater efficiency and predictable clinical outcomes. The Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution delivers at every step. This complete solution provides dual benefits: enhancing procedure reliability and creating ideal conditions for restoration longevity. Each high-performance product builds upon the success of the previous one to deliver a better overall procedure for you, for your patient and for your practice.

Watch a full single-unit crown dental restoration procedure using products from the Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution from Dentsply Sirona.  

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