How Core3dcentres helps labs meet new challenges

Dental Lab Products talked to Grant Maier of Core3dcentres about how Core3dcentres can partner with labs to take advantage of new workflow and product solutions.

For many labs, entering the digital workflow can seem like a steep and insurmountable challenge. But one option that can enable it for labs of any size is to partner with an outsourcing and reselling partner that can help them navigate the tricky (and expensive) new landscape.

One such partner is Core3dcentres. We recently spoke with Grant Maier, Vice President of Core3dcentres North America, to find out about some of Core3dcentres' new offerings and how they can help dental laboratories head into the future with confidence.

01.  In 2016, what is Core3dcentres most excited about? 

[2016] will see us dramatically extend our new partnerships and expand our product lines, while continuing to develop and verify the most extensive set of comprehensive workflows available in the marketplace today. We have been able to grow our partnership base because we partner with companies whose mutual goal is to offer best in class services and products. Then we support them with the latest in CAD/CAM technologies, technical assistance and validated workflows for fast turnaround.

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02. Dental labs have a lot of choice for products. How does Core3dcentres help them choose?

As mentioned earlier, all of our products go through an extensive validation process. Why is that important? We make the mistakes so you don’t have to. Core3dcentres has a global team of CAD/CAM specialists and engineers whose sole purpose is to collaborate and share experience on the best materials and procedures. Our in-house technical support team has been vetted and the service they offer is unbeatable. They too have a global team at their fingertips, never leaving a question unanswered.

03. What do you think Core3dcentres offers to labs? 

We work hard to build custom solutions for all of our customers to ensure we give them the safest verified products at a cost that suits their unique situations. Even more important, we also consider our customers as valued partners in this process. Everyone involved must benefit or it cannot be a sustainable partnership. All products and services must be the best fit for our mutual customers. Each time Core3dcentres adds to our lineup of offerings, it goes through an extensive validation where every aspect is tested numerous times to ensure the final product is the best on the market.

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04. Why should customers pick Core3dcentres? 

It’s great to say you offer the best products-but you have to be there when the rubber meets the road. We back up our offerings with Core3daCADemy™, offering extensive continuing education in all aspects of digital dentistry and design. We are proud to have recently announced our new 2016 Hands-on Course Series. We’ve added to our range of on-site courses (currently offered in Calgary, Toronto and Las Vegas with more locations to come) to meet the latest emerging needs and will continue to update to ensure our educational offering is on target, on the leading edge and the best you can get. We also offer free monthly educational webinars covering the latest techniques, materials and concepts.

05. What challenges and opportunities do you think labs will face this year? 

If you have been in the industry for more than 10 years, you have all participated in one way or another in the CAD/CAM revolution. For something that has become so mainstream and seemingly so well-traveled, the digital highway is fraught with considerable perils. Today, labs are gaining in-depth knowledge about each case from their practitioner partners at levels they previously were not privy to. This is a unique opportunity to grow each lab’s business by providing added, and sought after, services to their doctors.

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06. How is Core3dcentres helping labs meet those changes? 

Along with our best in class materials/services, Core3dcentres feels the real differentiator between us and other milling centers is our support team. Each member of the team has extensive hands-on, practical dental laboratory CAD/CAM experience. Core3dcentres then maintains an aggressive, ongoing and comprehensive training schedule covering the latest technologies and trends. All of this knowledge, experience and expertise are freely available to our customers by telephone or email to discuss problem cases, answer application questions-or just give advice.

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07. How can labs keep up-to-date with a marketplace that’s changing so rapidly?

There are three major common denominators in keeping up: education, research and strong partnerships at all levels. The education aspect we have already discussed at some length earlier when we mentioned Core3daCADemy. Research and true partnerships are just as important. In many ways, a partner like Core3dcentres has done the research for you. The partner’s broad experience in materials, technique and systems and product line becomes a valuable ally as you enter new, and perhaps untested, waters. In our case, we also go out of our way to make the fruits of our research available to our customers. 

08. How can partnering with Core3dcentres help with that? 

As discussed earlier, Core3dcentres is not just a company that functions as an outside service. We truly consider ourselves partners to any lab who sends work to us. Our business model has always been to be an extension of the laboratory. Our aforementioned global team of CAD/CAM specialists and engineers gives us the ability to test and collaborate on materials and services long before they ever hit the mainstream market. Our in-house technical support team can then share this experience on the best materials and procedures on a daily basis. 

09. How can labs get help entering the digital world? 

Making the investment to go digital is not a cheap one. Many smaller labs can’t afford it-and as far as we’re concerned, they don’t need to. It doesn’t matter at which point you enter the digital realm; a partner like Core3dcentres will pick up where you left off. If a lab can ship us a case sent to them by their doctor, or forward a file, we can take it from there.

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10. What does Core3dcentres have on the horizon that you can share with us? 

While Core3dcentres has and does invest in developing new products on a regular basis, our focus continues to be on developing and extensively testing streamlined work flows that help dental laboratories today. Our commitment to providing extensively and reliably verified workflows ensure you and your customers are working with safe products and systems.