Henry Schein One's Dentrix Ascend Made Exclusive Practice Management System of Smile Brands

Henry Schein One’s Dentrix Ascend® cloud-based practice management software will be adopted as the exclusive dental practice management system of Smile Brands and its affiliated practices. Smile Brands is a dental service organization (DSO) with 700 practices.

Smile Brands choose Dentrix Ascend because of its clinical features, as well as its ability to integrate with the DSO’s proprietary tools. This flexibility native to Dentrix Ascend enabled Smile Brands to leverage its existing proprietary technology and ongoing custom development to create a unique platform known as One Smile Ascend. This customized platform includes Dentrix Ascend as the native practice management software working seamlessly with Smile Brands’ developed tools, according to a press release from Henry Schein One.

“Smile Brands is looking to the future in moving all of our affiliated practices to Dentrix Ascend,” said Steve Bilt, chief executive officer of Smile Brands. “The vision and culture of Smile Brands, providing ‘Smiles for Everyone!®’as we support our doctors, teams, and the patient experience will only be enhanced through the clinical efficiency and easy access to data available with Dentrix Ascend. Smile Brands, like all DSOs of scale, has many needs that can be well met by a best-in-class clinical solution and a series of needs that are specific to the Company’s

processes and path through history. The architecture of Dentrix Ascend makes it uniquely capable of meeting that complex ask.”

Because Dentrix Ascend is cloud-based, dentists can access their practice data at any time, from any location. It simplifies the management of DSOs, providing a central database and business reporting while allowing individual sites the standardization they need.