Henry Schein to distribute Optident’s White Dental Beauty tooth whitening products

White Dental Beauty offers a professional range of high-quality tooth whitening gels.

Henry Schein Inc. recently announced its distribution of Optident’s White Dental Beauty products, a worldwide-leading tooth whitening brand that offers high-quality whitening products. White Dental Beauty offerings are exclusively available through Henry Schein Dental in the United States.

Oral health professionals can provide patients with a more comfortable whitening experience through White Dental Beauty’s patented formula, NOVON®, which reportedly enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions, accelerating whitening effect and reducing teeth sensitivity. In addition, White Dental Beauty offers a professional range of high-quality tooth whitening gels, available in 6 percent hydrogen peroxide as well as 35 percent, 16 percent, 10 percent and a 5 percent mild carbamide peroxide, giving practitioners the ability to deliver an exceptional whitening experience to their patients depending on varying degrees of deep (intrinsic) and surface (extrinsic) stains.

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“As consumers continue to demand high-quality whitening solutions, we are excited to offer our customers an opportunity to start or expand their cosmetic dentistry offering, and ultimately attract new patients,” says John Boresi, vice president, global dental merchandising, dental exclusives. “Henry Schein is committed to helping customers deliver an improved patient experience that can increase self-esteem and confidence.”

To introduce White Dental Beauty to patients, a wide range of educational and product resources are available to dentists, such as patient brochures, posters, interior banners, press information, images and promotional videos. In addition, dentists can offer patients packages with White Dental Beauty gels for their treatments at home once treatment at the dental office has begun.

For more information or to order White Dental Beauty products, call 877-887-1211.