Helcasio Uniforms Are Designed to Impress With High-Quality Fabrics

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2021, Volume 55, Issue 1

Dentists, hygienists, and assistants at 15 practices reported feeling more protected with Helcasio uniforms.

Helcasio uniforms are available in various designs compared with others on the market. They are made for every size and shape and provide comfort, function, and protection for all dental professionals. Available sizes include extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large, and color options are black, charcoal, plum, and stellar.

The Fabric Design

The uniforms are made from a flexible, high-performance, breathable fabric engineered with unique membrane technology. With the addition of an impenetrable layer, the uniform is water-resistant and prevents stains, keeping dental professionals cool and dry. The advanced fabric technology also allows for stretch, ensuring an excellent fit, easy movement, and optimal comfort.

The wrinkle- and fade-resistant scrubs have a clean, modern look. The trendy, durable scrubs also can be personalized with embroidery on the sleeve or chest.

The Evaluation


Teams consisted of the dentist, hygienist, dental assistants, and treatment coordinators. After evaluating Helcasio uniforms, 94% of the evaluators rated the uniform with a 4.5-diamond rating, and 98% said the uniforms were of high-quality fabric. Nearly 80% indicated the scrubs fit exceptionally well, especially for various movements performed during clinical procedures. One hundred percent said they never felt as protected as they do with Helcasio. Eighty-nine percent said the price point was right in line with previous uniform costs. Two dentists who are oral surgeons complimented the protection of the double-layer fabric. Several evaluators applauded the fact that they were water-resistant, which is a big issue in dentistry considering all the products that can stain uniforms. Eighty-seven percent of the evaluators mentioned the long-lasting color after more than 37 to 60 washes. Six percent said they wished there were more colors, with 2% commenting that they wanted the uniforms in petite.


  • Dentist comments:
    “Your product is superior.”

    “These scrubs have proven from the first washing to keep their shape and color. Most uniforms, after the second wash, start to look faded. As a dentist, I never wore uniforms until now!”

    “Finally, a uniform made for a MAN!”
  • Hygienist comments

    “With COVID-19, my main concern was my protection. When I saw the advertisement on Instagram that said they were waterproof, I ordered that day. Practices need that added layer of security and peace of mind.”

    “I felt like I was wearing Spanx. I looked like I lost weight in these.”
  • “These scrubs have proven from the first washing to keep their shape, color, and sharpness. It still amazes me how they look brand new right out of the washer.”
  • Assistant comments:

    “When your patients give you compliments about your uniform, you know these look good!”

    “These scrubs are amazing! Waterproof and breathable? This assistant is impressed. Please do yourself a favor and order a pair; they speak for themselves. These are now my go-to brand!”

    “When I bend over, they do not slip down. I hate most uniforms for this very reason. I am a big girl, and most uniforms do not fit my size. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for not assuming everyone is a size 4."

About the Review

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