GUM Hydral introduced for dry mouth relief

Sunstar Americas, Inc., announced the release of GUM® Hydral™ Dry Mouth Relief products this week. GUM Hydral features advanced moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that are said to work like natural saliva for multi-symptom relief.

The line is being introduced to address a clear patient need, the company said, as most dry mouth sufferers wish they had a better treatment option for their condition. A reported 70 percent of dry mouth sufferers who tried the new product found that GUM Hydral is better than their current dry mouth remedies, Sunstar said.

The line is available without a prescription and is said to be the only product to contain hyaluronic acid, a high-viscosity humectant that is said to have exceptional lubricating properties. Its unique ingredients reportedly provides deep moisturizing relief at the tissue level and soothes oral mucosa.

“We know that xerostomia, or dry mouth, affects as much as 30 percent of the population and can be extremely painful and often debilitating, yet a high percentage of patients are either not receiving help or are dissatisfied with their current treatment,” said Angel Gonzalez, vice president of R&D. “GUM Hydral advances OTC dry mouth care with innovation that mimics the multifaceted, biological role of the body’s natural saliva, providing a new level of deep moisturizing that starts fast to relieve a range of dry mouth symptoms. Given the high degree of satisfaction, we saw after actual use by dry mouth sufferers, we are confident that GUM Hydral can make a real difference in the quality of life for many patients.”

The new GUM Hydral line provides a complete solution for all-day/all-night dry mouth relief. Products include an oral rinse, an oral spray, an oral gel, and an anti-cavity toothpaste. For more information, visit