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Grin Unveils 3D Treatment Tracking Tool and More at AAO Conference


The company launched The Grin 3D Tx Tracker™ and a suite of efficient tools designed to enhance the Grin Premium experience.

Grin Unveils 3D Treatment Tracking Tool and More at AAO Conference | Image Credit: © Grin

Grin Unveils 3D Treatment Tracking Tool and More at AAO Conference | Image Credit: © Grin

Grin launched its new treatment tracking technology,The Grin 3D Tx Tracker™, and a suite of highly efficient tools to enhance the Grin Premium experience at the American Association of Orthodontics 2024 Annual Session, May 3-6, in New Orleans.

The Grin 3D Tx Tracker is designed to provide practitioners with a more precise method of tracking treatment progress for unparalleled insights and control over patient treatment progress. This latest offering from Grin—a leading virtual care platform for digital oral healthcare solutions—is described as a 3D Progression Comparison tool offering precision tracking, and representing a significant step forward in orthodontic treatment monitoring.

The company’s technology comprehensively analyzes patient progress in real-time and compares it to the original stages of the clinician's treatment plan. While remaining completely appliance-agnostic, The Grin 3D Tx Tracker™is compatible with most major aligner brands and custom digital braces providers, according to Grin.

Its computer vision patented technology now allows users to compare the Grin 2D scans received directly from the patient over their treatment lifecycle with the treatment expected 3D stages on a tooth-by-tooth level, allowing for smart detection of proximity to treatment goals or off-track teeth.

This level of real patient data is designed to allow clinicians to refine and optimize treatment strategies, be equipped with the best tools to make the most informed decisions, and to save time. With automated treatment tracking, clinical outcomes can be improved and this leads to shorter treatment durations and better patient experiences.

In addition to the new treatment tracking tool, the company also unveiled a new suite of tools designed to enhance the Grin Premium experience. Practices utilizing this service will benefit from embedded, streamlined, and highly traceable treatment management tools at the practice and patient levels. These enhanced tools include new communication methods and tracking analytics to gain deeper insights into patient needs and to elevate the services provided.

New Key Features

  • Real-time Data Visualization: Tracking analytics and visual representations of treatment progress allow orthodontists to easily track changes, identify trends, and gain deeper insight into their patients' treatment over time.
  • Customizable Monitoring and Patient Care: Ensuring that all necessary protocols are followed for different types of patient care and including specific and automatic assistants like Aligners Tx, Braces Tx, Oral Hygiene, and others indicates a focus on detailed and tailored care for each patient's needs.
  • Integrated Communication Tools: Seamless integration with Grin's internal communication tools produces secure and convenient communication between the practice and Grin Remote Care Specialists, enhancing collaboration and promoting efficiency among the care team members.

These new releases follow recent updates that include Automation, Scan Share with external clinicians, Scan Comparison, an enhanced self-scanning experience, and new features in The Grin RecordsApp, such as image optimization.

"We are thrilled to unveil this first-of-its-kind innovation at the AAO 2024 Annual Session. The Grin 3D Tx Tracker™ represents a major advancement in orthodontic care, providing orthodontists with advanced capabilities to monitor and optimize treatment outcomes,” says Dr. Adam Schulhof, CEO of Grin, in a press release. “Our goal is to give doctors a tool that reduces their concern about accuracy and real-time patient tracking and allows them to focus more on the big picture in their practice."

For additional information, visit get-grin.com/3DTxTracker.

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