Glidwell Dental previews Glidewell Intelligent Manufacturing

Glidewell has previewed its new Glidewell Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 20-22.

Glidewell IM propels the design and manufacturing of dental restorations forward by replacing error-prone analog tools with artificial intelligence, CT scanning, and robotic process automation. 

Glidewell IM is designed to deliver all-access digital dentistry. Conventional dental impressions are digitized through CT scanning, and resulting restorations are designed and manufactured based on that significantly more accurate digital impression.

This platform is said to eliminate the need for plaster models as the basis for crown design. Glidewell IM leverages a process called Virtual Plaster Experience (VPX), during which a three-dimensional digital model is constructed based on a CT scan of a patient’s impression. VPX is said to achieve in 40 seconds what takes technicians working with plaster about 5 hours-and the output is said to be significantly more accurate. Additionally, the custom digital models are stored in the cloud, eliminating the waste of stone models while preserving information required for remakes in the event of loss or damage.

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