Glidewell introduces esthetic zirconia version of BruxZir Implant Prothesis

Glidewell introduced a new esthetic formulation of its BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis, a lifelike alternative to the acrylic hybrid denture. 

The BruxZir Esthetic Implant Prosthesis features a superior translucency paired with a high flexural strength of 870 MPa, is constructed out of 100 percent solid zirconia, and just like the original version, is designed to avoid chips, fractures, and premature wear. 

With this new addition, clinicians now have an option for edentulous patients with high esthetic expectations without the risk of fracturing the veneering material used in most premium full-arch zirconia restorations. 

"The BruxZir Esthetic Implant Prosthesis is a superb monolithic restoration," said Darius Raudys, manager of the Implant department at Glidewell. "We use the latest CAD/CAM technology to mill the entire prosthesis from a block of BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia. And our technicians have spent years developing staining techniques that result in gingival anatomy that is remarkably lifelike. The result is a beautiful restoration that won't break - at nearly half the price you'll pay through boutique dental labs." 

The company also announced that the restorative protocol used to fabricate the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis has been overhauled to increase clinical efficiency. The protocol is expected to produce more accurate results. 

To help clinicians adapt to the new workflow, cases are now packaged with appointment-specific step-by-step guides, as well as checklists for the items practices will need, receive, and send back for each appointment. Tutorial videos will also be available online with additional resources to smooth the path to success in full-arch implant treatment.

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