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Get to know TRIOS® intraoral scanner from 3Shape

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2012-09-01
Issue 9

3Shape showcased the TRIOS® intraoral scanner at the International Dental Society’s (IDS) meeting in Cologne, Germany last spring. Editors from Dental Products Report were present and recounted the crowds standing around to watch live demos in action.

3Shape showcased the TRIOS® intraoral scanner at the International Dental Society’s (IDS) meeting in Cologne, Germany last spring. Editors from Dental Products Report were present and recounted the crowds standing around to watch live demos in action. As 3Shape prepares for the impending U.S. launch of TRIOS®, the timing is right to get a better sense of how this technology can have an impact on your practice.

There are two ways to best get to know TRIOS®. One, is by hearing what 3Shape has to say. Equally important is to hear from one of your own. Here, you’ll find feedback from 3Shape’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Tais Clausen, as well as Dr. Simond Kold, an international speaker in Oral Implantology & Cosmetic Dentistry, and partner at the Herning Implant Center.

Interview with Tais Clausen,
CTO and Co-Founder of 3Shape

3Shape has a reputation for industry-changing technology. How do you achieve this?
Our company was founded on innovation and that remains the key driver of our growth. We continuously invest in innovation by gathering the best 3D software and hardware development experts. Today, we employ more than 130 developers engaged in digital dental solutions along with experienced dental technicians and dentists, and we maintain close cooperation with dental professionals around the world where new ideas are born and our solutions are evaluated in actual clinical work.

Why was growth into intraoral scanning and solutions for clinics a natural step for 3Shape?
3Shape is among the technology leaders in CAD/CAM for dental labs and our dedication to digital dentistry is unlimited. We applied our innovation power and vast expertise within scanner technology, mechanics, optics, and software, plus our knowledge of the industry in general to create a digital impression solution that gives dentists better impressions through fast and easy workflows and new ways to enhance their business success. We believe that digital technologies can embrace the total professional scope of modern dentistry – and naturally, this starts with patients in clinics.  

What do you think have been the biggest hurdles to more general dentists embracing intraoral scanning and how does TRIOS® make those easier to overcome?
Some worry about the time and effort required to integrate new technology in the clinic. TRIOS® is very easy to learn to use. We have heard a number of dentists say that their assistants can scan just as well as they can after only brief instructions. Most dentists don’t just want a scanner, but new workflows that truly open new ways to improve efficiency in the clinic. Unlike many other digital impression systems, labs can receive TRIOS® impressions minutes after scanning and immediately start designing the model and restoration. TRIOS® contains tools supporting the full workflow, including efficient communication with the lab and exchange of case data in 3D.

How is TRIOS® different from other digital impression systems on the market?
TRIOS® is spray-and-powder-free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort. The scanner provides complete motion and positioning freedom and the large touch screen shows live visualization as you scan. The dentist can edit scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results show unwanted details such as scanned blood.

One key to success with any technology is training - initial and ongoing. How do you help provide this for your customers?
3Shape believes that a dynamic and continuously up-to-date system should be a natural trait of any solution for clinics. Therefore, we include unlimited software upgrading as an integral part of our package and customer promise. For dentists this means they can automatically and regularly empower their system with the latest technologies; their system represents a future-secure investment. Another key part of our care concept, is access to an efficient first and second line support network, and the 3Shape Academy that provides hands-on training, Webinars, training videos, and learning materials to ensure users can utilize all features of their system.

Interview with Simon Kold, Partner at the Herning Implant Center and TRIOS® user

How has the TRIOS® benefitted your clinic?
First and foremost, TRIOS® has made model-free crowns a possibility for patients who want fast and cost-effective crowns. It also enables implant cases and impression-taking that is faster while offering improved precision. It is important to convey how easy it is to scan using TRIOS® – it also is easy to rescan specific areas without starting over. Smart edit tools make it easy to get a good impression. TRIOS® and the high technology aura around the system makes dentistry exciting - for me and for my patients.

What do you see as the key selection criteria for a digital impression taking scanner?
Before choosing TRIOS®, I thoroughly investigated the 3D scanning market. The key factors that led me to TRIOS® were: 1. Its open system. TRIOS® is not locked to a specific provider, which means it is able to open many doors that help clinics start working digitally. 2. Auto Focus. It doesn’t matter which angle or distance the scanner is held while scanning. 3. No powder or spray needed. 4. Live video scanning. It’s like shooting a video. The scan is built up on the screen as the clinician works. Its fast, modern and pre­cise. Our team wanted a scanner system where we didn’t compromise the end result. TRIOS® is designed to take great scans and send the impressions immediately to the dental technicians/experts in the lab.

How does 3Shape support you?
With 3Shape I have found the most serious and satisfying relationship I have had with a dental equipment provider. 3Shape takes real interest in continuously optimizing the system as technology advances. I enjoy being a part of the 3Shape innovation and dental technology history.

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