Forward Science Orapeutic gel gets FDA clearance

Forward Science’s non-opioid oral pain relief gel, Orapeutic ™, has received FDA clearance, the company announced in a press release this week.

Orapeutic Oral Pain Gel is manufactured to manage the pain of oral wounds, mouth sores, injuries, and ulcers of the oral mucosa. The gel also maintains a moist wound environment.

“We are proud of our previously released products and their impact on the healthcare industry, but our R&D team is always striving to develop products that meet market demands,” said Forward Science co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Brian Pikkula, PhD. “With the success of our previous product launches, we have become the industry’s leader of innovative solutions in oral healthcare. We are thrilled to receive FDA clearance for Orapeutic and are looking forward to hearing from clinicians as to how this product impacts their patients.”

With concerns of opioids being over-prescribed, Forward Science feels Orapeutic can address the epidemic by offering a pain management alternative. This is the third FDA-cleared product for the company.

Based in Houston, Forward Science is a MedTech company that focuses on moving science forward in the oral care industry. For more information, visit