Formlabs Announces Launch of Formlabs Dental Academy

Formlabs has announced Formlabs Dental Academy, an educational platform to help empower dental professionals in becoming 3D printing experts.

3D printing company Formlabs has announced the launch of its new Formlabs Dental Academy, an educational platform specifically focused on 3D printing in dentistry. The Formlabs Dental Academy will feature a variety of learning opportunities, including online and in-person courses, webinars, and guides, for dental professionals to strengthen their 3D printing experience and understanding. It will contain both free and paid courses.

As 3D printing becomes a vital part of dental treatment plans, Formlabs Dental designed this academy to broaden industry knowledge of this important technology, according to a press release from the company. This learning content will focus on dental applications of 3D printing, materials, user satisfaction, and best printing practices. This curriculum was developed with contributions from the London Dental Institute, The Swedish Organization for Computer Aided Digital Dentistry (SWECADD), Capacitación Pérez Giugovaz, and other universities and private centers. In-person instruction will be available at Formlabs Boston, Berlin, and Budapest offices as well as other private education centers.

“SWECADD is honored to be part of the Formlabs Dental Academy,” Michael Braian, DDS, CDT, PhD, Founder of SWECADD said in the press release. “Formlabs has long been in the forefront of additive manufacturing in dentistry and now they have a great educational portal for everyone.”

Courses on stereolithography 3D printing, digital dentistry benefits, materials, implementation, and everything dental 3D printing, will be available through Formlabs Dental Academy. These courses will be available in English, Spanish, Swedish, and German, at launch.