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Video Test Drive: Primescan Connect from Dentsply Sirona


Dental Products Report Chief Clinical Editor and Technology Editor John Flucke, DDS, explains why he and his time were so impressed after using this portable intraoral scanning solution in their practice.

Read more about Dr Flucke's experiences using the Primescan Connect intraoral scanning solution from Dentsply Sirona here.

Primescan Connect

Primescan Connect from Dentsply Sirona | Image © Dentsply Sirona

Image © Dentsply Sirona

Primescan Connect offers dental professionals a fast and efficient intraoral scanning experience without requiring a bulky desktop. Primescan Connect has a specific laptop so that clinicians can use the intraoral scanner for restorative, implant, orthodontic, and more modalities. Primescan Connect is validated for all major lab software and is said to be a good starting point for clinicians starting out with digital dentistry. It is designed to integrate easily into the dental practice.

Dentsply Sirona



Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr John Flucke. I'm Technology Editor and Chief Dental Editor here at Dental Products Report. And today, I would like to tell you about a test drive that I've recently completed on a really phenomenal digital product.

I think all of us in dentistry are familiar with the word CEREC. And to many of us CEREC means intraoral scanning, but it also means in-office milling. What if you don't want to do in-office milling, and maybe that's a possibility of where you are right now. Or maybe you're thinking about it, but at this point in time, you don't want to, or financially, maybe that's a little bit more expensive than you want to go. And the really smart people at Dentsply Sirona they had a great idea recently where they said, you know, what if we just made an intraoral scanner, and behold the result Primescan Connect.

So you have the camera, and the scanner system here. It has a cradle that it sits in on your countertop, and then this all connects to a laptop, via USB. So when you want to scan a patient, all you need to do is move the laptop and move the scanner camera to wherever you are, and you are good to go. This is affordable, and it's portable. And the really cool part to me is that even though it's affordable and portable, you don't sacrifice anything as far as the scanning.

This scanner slash camera process is 1.5 million 3D data points each second. Think about that for a minute now. 1.5 million 3D data points every second. This thing has incredible accuracy. It is easy to use, it is well weighted, it scans like a dream. It's also smart.

One of the things that I do when I test a scanner is I sit down and I just try it right out of the gate with no training just to see how intuitive is it. And I can tell you that, it sits in this cradle, the moment you pick it up, if it's plugged in, it kicks on and wakes up and you are good to go to start scanning. If you get to a point in your process where maybe you think oh, I need to touch up that prep, or maybe the patient needs to breathe or shift or swallow or whatever, and you have to stop for a second. Put this back in there. The system immediately goes to sleep, you pick it back up, it wakes back up, and it knows right where you are, and can you can then commence scanning right from that point forward. This sucker is smart.

The camera also has a 20 mm depth of focus. And basically, what that means is from the edge of the lens to 20 mm away is in focus with this dynamic lens. Everything you scan is clean and crisp. You can use this for anything that you would normally take an impression for whether it's occlusal guards, night guards, sleep apnea appliances, crowns, bridges, implants, removables, all of that can be done with this system.

It is quick and easy. You can scan—once you get a little experience under your belt, and it doesn't take long—you can scan an entire mouth, maxillary arch, mandibular arch, and buccul bite in about 60 seconds. You can't do that with impression material, and you can't do it with the accuracy that this system has.

If you're a doctor on a budget, or you're a young graduate and you've got some student loans you'd like to pay down before you really bite off a large expense for your practice, this is the 3D intraoral scanner to look at. It's called Primescan Connect and it's available now.

I'm Dr John Flucke. Thanks for watching.

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