Finding your own superhero and conquering your Kryptonite

Modern Hygienist,, Issue 12

We have all been there. The details may be slightly different but the end result is the same.

We have all been there. The details may be slightly different but the end result is the same.

You receive the eye-opening cosmic slap of reality. The day you realize things in your safe, comfortable existence are not quite the way you perceive them. The uncomfortable knot in your gut creeps in with this realization. The exchanges with coworkers-your confidantes-were not quite as confidential as perhaps you thought. Your boss was not as cool with the office dynamics as you thought. Once the slap of reality knocks you down, it is time to take inventory and use what you have.

It is time to become your own superhero.

Every good comic book hero discovers his or her superhero powers after the cosmic slap of reality. They take inventory, get what they need, become stronger, develop new skill sets and emerge as a new force. All along, our superheroes have trials and tribulations but work towards justice and victory.

They are not that different than your average-and not so average-dental hygienist. Once you dust yourself off after your cosmic smackdown, assess the fallout and take inventory. In true superhero fashion, pull on the cape and mask and prepare yourself to take your seat in the Hall of Justice with your head held high.

Develop your superhuman powers

Every superhero discovers his or her powers in conjunction with various experiences. Peter Parker discovered his spider side after a lab accident. Wonder Woman-Diana Prince-had super strength, super speed and stamina. She was highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and possessed an animal-like cunning. Wonder Woman always had a fabulous arsenal at her disposal-her Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, and an invisible plane.

As a dental hygienist, take advantage of your power in the operatory. What are your super powers? What powers can you add and further develop? Develop your skill set with the resources you have at your disposal while examining the resources you can acquire in the future. If you made an investment in magnification-for example--how would this affect your productivity? How would this affect you personally?

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Know your Justice League

Call it your posse. Your trusty sidekick. The Robin to your Batman. Wonder Twins needed each other to activate their powers. No matter the obstacle, your options will seem more promising when you share with your support network. You will gain new, fresh ideas and receive the feedback you need. Your Justice League will quell the dark forces that linger in your subconscious, waiting to shoot you down and throw the proverbial Kryptonite in your path.

Keep your goals and mission in mind

Superheroes are always spot-on with the mission at hand. Identify the problem-Check. Identify the nemesis-Check. Develop the strategy to solve the problem-Check. Work as a team to save the day-Check! Owning your agenda, mission, goals and strategy are a critical element to becoming your own superhero.

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Know your nemesis and your Kryptonite

One word: duh. These superhero skills are honed with life experiences. I thank the bad bosses, mean girls, classroom bullies, mean patients, catty coworkers, and friends-who-really-weren't for helping me develop these skills. Learn from the bad stuff, take what is useful and leave the rest behind.

Every hero has his or her falls

Whether you become your very own Wonder Woman-or Superman-never forget your mask is always within reach, your cape is always ready to wear and the true mark of the superhero is always on our heart-where your nemesis can never take it away no matter how despairing things may seem.

Last but not least-Embrace and create your happy ending!

Superheroes don’t wait for someone to create their happy ending and bring rest to the city. Embrace yours and stand tall on your personal horizon!