FGM comes to America

Global dental manufacturer brings its products to the U.S.

After having world-wide success, with its products being distributed in over 100 countries, FGM will now be coming to the U.S. This Brazilian-based, 25-year-old manufacturer specializes in whitening, composites, bonding, cements, posts and implants. Cosmetically focused, the company is said to have one of the best research and development operations in the dental world.

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FGM has a broad and divergent product line including:                    

  • The WÄ«t line offers a whitening material that comes in take home and in-office systems. With its adhesive, easy to place hydrogen or carbamide peroxide materials, there is said to be no sensitivity issues due to the calcium fluoride and potassium nitrate contents.

  • Along with the Ambar bonding system, the Vittra composite includes the exclusive APS technology which is said to allow the material to deliver superior results.

  • The Allcem cement line is available as a core build-up, luting and veneer cement, also with APS technology.FGM will soon be bringing its implant system to U.S. markets 

For more information visit: WWW.FGM-USA.COM.