FDI World Dental Federation Launches Toolkit for Sustainable Dentistry

This toolkit for sustainability will coach and guide dental practices and organizations on how best to reduce their carbon footprint will maintaining patient care standards.

FDI World Dental Federation has launched a Toolkit for Sustainable Dentistry. This toolkit is designed to inform dental professionals on the ways they can make their practices more sustainable and environmentally conscious, according to a press release from FDI.

As a part of FDI’s Sustainability in Dentistry project, this toolkit contains an interactive platform to offer guides and exercises on environmental sustainability for dental practices. Challenges will help dental professionals gain recognition for best practices and awareness. This toolkit aims to help practices reduce their footprint, according to FDI President Prof. Ihsane Ben Yahya.

“Dentists and dental teams can play an active role in reducing the environmental impact of dentistry, while safeguarding optimal patient care. This online Toolkit for Sustainable Dentistry is a step towards helping dental practices adopt measures to reduce their carbon footprint,” Yahya said in the press release. “I hope that our work today will have a positive impact on our future generations so that they can enjoy a health life and planet.”

This toolkit is available through FDI.