EasyRx Announces Integration with Open Dental

EasyRx and Open Dental will integrate to make patient information communication easier between labs and practices.

EasyRx® has announced an integration with dental practice management software Open Dental. This integration will allow Open Dental and EasyRx to collaborate in creating comprehensive patient profiles for better workflows, according to a press release form EasyRx.

Open Dental will be able to share patient information with EasyRx to supplement both new and existing patients in EasyRx. Name, date of birth, address, and other important patient information can be communicated between the 2 platforms with relative ease. This integration is designed to make communication better for lab/practice workflows, according to President and CEO of EasyRx Todd Blankenbecler.

“Adding the Open Dental Integration is important for our common users, as well as is in line with our overall strategy to build an open integrated platform to connect practices and labs to submit and manage their lab cases and digital workflow.” Blankenbecler said in the press release.