Dr. Dale Miles to speak on how to avoid lawsuits at AO annual meeting

Dr. Dale Miles cautions dentists not to miss important clues revealed about the patient’s overall health on the cone beam-computed tomography (CBCT) scans.

Dr. Dale Miles cautions dentists not to miss important clues revealed about the patient’s overall health on the cone beam-computed tomography (CBCT) scans.

Doing so can result in serious problems for the patient, and a lawsuit for the dentist.

“I have been involved in at least four lawsuits in which cone beam data was vital to either the plaintiff’s or the defendant's case," Dr. Miles said. "The defendant is most often the dentist."

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Dr. Miles is presenting at the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 2016 annual meeting next February in San Diego as part of the Morning with the Masters sessions on the program. Dr. Miles’ session will address, “Appropriate Interpretations of CBCT Scanning in Implant Dentistry: How to Avoid Missing Vital Information and Anatomy.”

Morning with the Masters sessions are designed to provide a more personal interaction with world-renowned experts. The attendance is limited in each session to keep them small. 

Many dentists may be at risk for missing important changes in their patient’s scans. Dr. Miles hopes to eliminate these risks by sharing information he feels has been lacking. He said cone beam technology enables dentists to identify abnormal pathology and its causes, but he cautions dentists not to rely only on manufacturer training to learn how to recognize the changes revealed in scan data.

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An experienced presenter for the dental community, Dr. Miles is excited to present information to dentists and specialists-both those who are experienced and those who are performing implant dentistry for the first time.

“It’s our job to be able to recognize abnormalities within the patient’s X-ray examination and to make the appropriate referral if needed,” he said. “The right use of cone beam technology can improve the health of the patient-and the health of the dentist’s practice.”

All Morning with the Masters sessions occur concurrently. Two of the 10 sessions are complimentary, including one presented in Mandarin on “Fundamental Perspectives of Implant Esthetics” by Dr. Dehau Li and “How to Get Your Paper Published” by Dr. Steven Eckert. Other topics include issues surrounding the hard- and soft-tissue factors, digital technology, cementing technique, managing full arch, terminal dentition and other common concerns.

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For a full list of the sessions, please visit meetings.osseo.org/sessions/morning-with-the-masters.

Dr. Miles believes all dental implant professionals should attend the annual meeting. From changes in technology and techniques to changes in materials, clinicians need to be as current to provide the best patient care possible.

The 31st Annual Meeting is set for February 17 to 20, 2016, in San Diego. You can register to attend at www.osseo.org.

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