DPR Technology Summit 2023 – Course 3 – The Unspoken Challenges: Dental Supply Procurement


[1 Continuing Education Credit] This presentation from Jordyn Levitas, will explain how technology can be used to enhance procurement for dental practices. Sponsored by Torch Dental. [1 Hour]

Sponsored by: Torch Dental

Hosted by: Jordyn Levitas

After visiting hundreds of dental offices in New York City, Jordyan Levitas has uncovered many challenges and pains while practices do inventory. From the opaque supply market to training new staff members and keeping business expenses low, there are many obstacles that practice owners face all while trying to provide the best patient treatment.

Course Goals

  • Why is procurement important?
  • The opaque dental supply market - do you know if you're getting great value?
  • The challenges your staff and practice face while doing inventory, ordering, and paying invoices
  • Increasing EBITDA without any incremental work - saved dollars go straight to the bottom line
  • Learn how the latest technology can be your solution

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