How Prime&Bond Elect helps one practitioner simplify restorations


One clinician’s take on Dentsply Sirona Restorative’s Prime&Bond Elect.

Dr. Will Jones Began using Denstply Sirona Restorative’s Prime&Bond Elect at his practice in Brentwood, Tennessee, about 1½ years ago. He first tried the universal dental adhesive because he liked the fact that he could use it to selective etch or to completely etch the tooth, and that it came from a trusted company he’s enjoyed working with in the past.

Now, he uses the adhesive every day for a variety of restorations-and continues to achieve what he describes as extremely good results.

How did you first hear about Prime&Bond Elect universal dental adhesive?

Through my rep. I tried it and it seemed to work really well. Once I brought patients back and checked their fillings six months and a year later, I realized Prime&Bond Elect was working better than our other bonding agent.  

What do you like most about Prime&Bond Elect?

The handling capabilities are fantastic. I’ve had great success with minimal microleakage, and post-op sensitivity from bonded crowns and direct restorations has minimized significantly since I began using Prime&Bond Elect. I use it for all of my direct and indirect restorations, which includes fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays. I basically use this adhesive on anything that’s bonded. It’s great because you don’t have to worry as much about microleakage and post-op sensitivity, leading to better results for the patient. I really enjoy working with this product and don’t plan on changing.

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How does Prime&Bond Elect compare to other adhesives you’ve used in the past?

The old generation bonding agents were multiple bottle, so you had to mix them. There was also an issue when companies tried to add an etching component. It just didn’t work out very well. With Prime&Bond Elect, you can do either-or. We etch the tooth, but you can opt to not etch the tooth and it works just as well. I like that the adhesive gives you versatility. You can do whatever you want and you can use the same bottle, which keeps inventory low.

You don’t need to have multiple bottles for different procedures anymore. You can use Prime&Bond Elect for everything and achieve great results.

What do you like about the company?

I just find they make quality products. I’ve always really enjoyed working with their rep and all of their products. They don’t take shortcuts. They’re focused on changing the way dentistry is done and making it easier for both clinicians and their patients.

How does Prime&Bond Elect benefit the patient?

The patients who have had fillings before notice they don’t experience as much post-op sensitivity, which they appreciate. They also notice the taste. Prime&Bond Elect has a much more pleasant flavor than some of the other bonding agents we’ve used. Patients no longer complain about the gross, chemical taste. That’s a huge patient benefit.

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Would you say it saves you time?

It definitely saves me time. Not having to mix multiple bottles together and not having to buy multiple bottles for different procedures is a huge time saver. Plus, Prime&Bond Elect has a shorter working time than other systems.

Why would you encourage other dentists to use Prime&Bond Elect?

If they’ve had any clinical issues with post-op sensitivity or microleakage, or if they’re sick of having multiple systems in their office for multiple procedures, they should try Prime&Bond Elect. This product offers dentists a fantastic way to simplify their inventory while also providing an excellent result for the patient.

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