Does your stericenter meet SciCan’s SPECs?



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How will you clean and lubricate your handpieces? While handpieces can be maintained manually, it is time consuming to properly lubricate and purge them. Oil and cleaner should be sprayed into handpieces after use. Then each handpiece should be purged for 20-30 seconds on the dental unit or a manual purging station. This ensures that debris and excess lubricant, is thoroughly purged out of the handpiece. If this is not done properly, it can cause premature handpiece failure and excess oil to contaminate the prep and the Drs. gloves. Lubricant should also be applied to each handpiece chuck to prevent burs from falling out or becoming stuck in the chuck. SciCan’s Statmatic handpiece maintenance unit can clean, lubricate, and purge up to three handpieces each cycle. It also has a chuck lubrication port which makes proper chuck maintenance simple and easy. This frees up staff to complete other tasks and will help reduce handpieces repair costs through automated, consistent maintenance.

Do you have extra sterilization capacity to prevent down time when one sterilizer needs maintenance?

Relying on your dental dealer to rush a rental sterilizer to your office when a sterilizer breaks can be risky.  They may not be able to deliver the rental before patients need to be rescheduled, or they may not have any available.  Counting on an old backup sterilizer to function properly after being pulled out of storage can also be risky.  Having your stericenter equipped with multiple sterilizers, and more capacity than you need on your busiest day, is the best way to prevent unexpected down time.  If you are using cassettes, your “extra” sterilizer should be large enough to hold your largest cassettes.


Can at least one of your sterilizers process unwrapped instruments in less than 15 minutes?

If your office gets behind on instrument processing, a Statim can help you get caught back up very quickly.  Unwrapped Statim cycles can be as fast as 6 minutes in a Statim 2000 and 9 minutes in a Statim 5000.  This allows you to process lots of instruments, very quickly, to meet demand when necessary.  Instruments processed unwrapped must be used immediately and transported aseptically.  The rest of the time your Statim can be used for normal wrapped instrument sterilization. 


Will you be connecting your Statim and Hydrim to the internet?

SciCan’s exclusive G4 networking technology allows Statim sterilizers and Hydrim instrument washers to connect to the internet. This allows for electronic logging and verification of cycles, maintenance reminders, and instant communication with SciCan technicians if a cycle fault occurs; all at no charge.  Cycle data is automatically stored electronically and can be transferred to a computer for viewing, printing, or backup, by utilizing the included USB flash drive or setting up automated cycle completion emails.  This eliminates the need for a printer to be connected to the sterilizer in offices that are required, or choose, to log their sterilization cycles.

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