Digital Technology Reigns Supreme for Dental Laboratories

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products August 2022, Volume 44, Issue 04

We break down the results of the 2022 Dental Lab Products® Technology Survey.

All dental laboratories apply technology and innovations to suit their specific needs. Whether big or small, they have the hands-on experience to not only manufacture dental inventions but also inform research and the future of technology. For labs, keeping up with the latest technology can give an edge over the competition when it comes to new customers and opportunities.

Knowing what technologies lie ahead can help labs in this way, and the best method of knowing is consensus. The Dental Lab Products® 2022 Technology Survey asked dental lab professionals which kinds of technology they use daily and what technology they hope to see in the future. Demographically, 81% of respondents are lab owners, with 19% being lab managers, and the majority working in the dental lab business for more than 2 decades. Read on to see what these experienced lab professionals have to say about the future of dental lab technology in the industry. Answers are rounded up or down to the nearest whole percentage.