Digital Smile Design Announces Partnership with Formlabs Dental

Digital Smile Design and Formlabs will partner to expand 3D printing opportunities in dental practices.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) has announced an official partnership with 3D printing company Formlabs Dental. DSD has used Formlabs 3D printers in the DSD Lab, and this partnership will formally combine these 2 companies to expand dental solutions, according to DSD Founder and CEO Christian Coachman.

“Only great things will happen when we combine the teams from both sides to continue developing the future of dentistry,” Coachman said in a press release from the companies. “Among many other things, we share the same key value with Formlabs of inventing solutions to make the life of dental professionals easier.”

DSD Lab currently has 5 Form 3B printers and, through this partnership, will expand into more printers from the company. Through dental 3D printing and Formlabs, more dental practices will be able to serve patients better, according to DSD Research and Development Manager George Cabanas.

“With this new collaboration, we look forward to continuing to make printing technology commonplace in dental clinics and advancing the printing of more advanced appliances, based on new resins,” Cabanas said in the press release. “All of this will help dentists to provide even better and more precise services for their patients.”

This new partnership is meant to emphasize the commitment of both companies to advance digital dentistry.