Digital Doc announces new product launch

First-of-its-kind intraoral dental camera allows hands free operation.

Digital Doc, an industry leader in intraoral cameras, has launched the IRIS X80 camera with Liquid Lens auto focus.

With the new IRIS X80 camera, both hands are free while the new Liquid Lens auto focus keeps things sharp and clear. An internal computer monitors the image and adjusts the focus automatically from micro to infinity, allowing patients to see what procedures are needed.

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The IRIS X80 is the first intraoral camera of its kind to boast a host of technical innovations which Digital Doc developed to streamline dental processes, increase case acceptance and patient safety.  

With Plug-and-Play ease, there is no need for installation. It’s ready to take high definition,1080p images over a standard USB 2.0 protocol. Digital Doc uses quality components including a Sony sensor, the multi-element lens path and prism assembly. Additional features of the IRIS X80 include 8-point true white LED array, high-performance impact and chemical resistant seamless body mold and dual capture buttons for ease of use with either hand.

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