Designs for Vision Launches Aerosol Protection Loupes

New loupes provide protection for the wearer's eyes via innovative silicone inserts.

Featuring silicone eyecups to protect users’ eyes from aerosol spray and splatter, the new Aerosol Protection Loupes from Designs for Vision are designed to help keep clinicians safe during patient treatment.

The eyecups are designed to provide a complete, tight orbital seal, and they attach to the frame via magnets for easy removal for cleaning and disinfecting. The new loupes are available in 2 different frame styles, each features adjustable spring hinges and wire core temples for a precise and stable fit.

The Aerosol Protection Loupes are available in 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x magnifications, and each pair includes 2 pairs of silicone eyecups.