Dentsply Sirona’s TruNatomy designed to redefine endodontic treatment


One of the keys to achieving a successful, durable restoration that retains the structural integrity of the tooth is the ability to preserve as much dentin as possible during an endodontic treatment. This also has the benefit of leaving more options for restorative treatment. In order to develop a new treatment solution that addressed the need to preserve dentin, Dentsply Sirona combined the 130 years of experience of its Maillefer brand with the expertise of George Bruder, DMD and Ove Peters, DMD, MS, PhD. The result of this collaboration is TruNatomy™, a system that inspires confidence, is straightforward to use and is designed specifically with day-to-day clinic operations in mind.

The TruNatomy name derives from the design of the files that take the natural anatomy of the root canal and the tooth into account. Designed as a complete solution for users, TruNatomy™ is a solution of products for each step of the root canal process, from modifying the orifice to obturation.

The TruNatomy full solution includes an intuitive file system.

A complete range of products for a comprehensive solution 
To prepare the canal, the Orifice Modifier creates an ideal entry point for the Glider, which optimizes the glide path prior to shaping. Straightline access is therefore no longer necessary enabling greater preservation of structural dentin. 

Shaping files are available in three different sizes and working lengths. The files are made of slim (MFD 0.8) heat-treated NiTi wire and are designed to operate at higher speed for greater efficiency requiring less torque. The design helps the file to progress effortlessly down the canal. With seamless transitions from file-to-file, the clinician is always in full control. The system also includes an Irrigation Needle, which enables proper disinfection. Obturation products including absorbent points and variable tapered Conform Fit™ gutta-percha points for precise fit and accurate tug back, round out this complete solution. 

TruNatomy gives users the safety and confidence of a solution of products designed for compatibility. The design enables the instrument to follow the natural pathway of a root canal while maintaining a superior canal centering ability. The practitioner can implement the treatment plan in one flowing process meaning that the result is achieved more quickly, saving time and improving the patient experience.

TruNatomy allows efficient root canal treatments even on curved canals.


Preserving dentin
Patients increasingly would like to keep their natural teeth for longer. Endodontics aims to create a basis for accomplishing this goal of preserving a tooth for longer. There is a growing understanding of the importance of maximizing the amount of dentin that remains after a root canal procedure. This is critical both to the quality of the restoration and its subsequent longevity. TruNatomy™ was developed with this in mind. Clinicians no longer have to compromise between access and structure preservation. Dentin only has to be removed where clinically necessary and smaller access cavities are possible.

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