Dentsply Sirona Honors Student Researchers with Awards

The 2021 Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and its Application honors student researchers and encourages advancements in the dental space.

Dentsply Sirona has awarded the 2021 Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and its Application (SCADA) to student researchers in U.S. dental schools. SCADA, which was initiated in 1959, was created to support and encourage young dental professionals in the early stages of their careers in research. It was also created as a means to facilitate a network for young dental researchers who may not otherwise have the connections in their careers. It was created in collaboration with the American Association for Dental Research.

The award has 2 categories which are Clinical Science and Public Health Research as well as Basic and Transitional Science. Dental schools around the U.S. were invited to participate by nominating a student who has done extensive research in either category. The student then submitted an abstract for review. After acceptance, student researchers were asked to submit a complete portfolio to the panel of judges.

This year, 46 students submitted portfolios and virtually presented their research to the international panel of judges. Of the 46, 6 student researchers were chosen for the 2021 SCADA award. Announced by the president of the American Association for Dental Research, Mark Herzberg, DDS, the 3 winners of the Clinical Science and Public Health Research are as follows.

  • In first, Elenia Langas at Marquette University. Her research focused on the Influence of Scanning Speed, Tip Size, and Pattern on Intraoral Scan Accuracy.
  • In second, Corey Winkler at East Carolina University for research on Accelerated Aging Effects on Color Stability of Potentially Color Adjusting Composite Resins.
  • In third, Joyce Lee at The University of Tennessee. Her research focused on Strength and Stiffness of 3 Temporary Crown and Bridge Materials.

“Today we recognize that, like scientists, intellectually engaged practitioners are going to be the life force of the future of dentistry and oral health care,” Dr Herzberg said at the virtual ceremony. The 3 winners of the Basic and Translational Science are as follows.

  • In first, Alexandra Rogers-DeCotes at The Medical University of South Carolina, for her research on the TMJ Fibrocartilage-Bone Interface Requires ADAMTS5 and Mechanical Load.
  • In second, Kazune Pax at The Ohio State University for her research on Sources of the Placental Microbiome in Pre-Term Birth & Pre-Eclampsia.
  • In third, James Seung Jin Jang for his research on Gene Regulatory Mechanisms of Viral Interferon Regulatory Factor 1.

Dentsply Sirona also sponsored 12 student research competitions in 12 countries including Japan, South Korea, and others. Along with the student research awards, SCADA also recognized 2 fellowship recipients and leadership awards for scholarship and graduate education.