Dentsply Sirona announces Lab Strategic Business Unit

The new unit reportedly enables technicians to handle the entire lab workflow with Dentsply Sirona products and solutions.

Dentsply Sirona has established a new Lab Strategic Business Unit (SBU), incorporating the successful laboratory CAD/CAM business with the renowned Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics material business. The SBU Lab came into operation on Feb. 1.

The new SBU reportedly combines the strengths of the prosthetics and laboratory CAD/CAM businesses, offering dental solutions as a one-stop shop. By combining all lab elements, Dentsply Sirona is said to create three strategic platforms: equipment, fixed and removable materials, each continuing to remain in their respective locations. With its focus on integrated solutions, Dentsply Sirona will reportedly further connect labs with digitally equipped dentists through the Sirona Connect Portal.

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Offering solutions as a one-stop shop

After the successful merger creating Dentsply Sirona, this is a consequential next step to further develop the combined offering of dental solutions in the field of dental labs. Dentsply Sirona’s goal is reportedly to combine the best procedures to better serve customers. By announcing the new Lab SBU, Dentsply Sirona is said to strengthen its reputation as The Dental Solutions Company and further evolve into the lab competence center of the industry.

Leveraging strengths

“We are creating one global customer-centric lab business unequalled in terms of competence, equipment and material expertise. No other dental company can match this combined capability like we do," explains Thomas Leonardi, group vice president, Dentsply Sirona Lab. “For me and my team, this is a natural step. It allows us to build up a perceptible and significant lab competence focusing on our lab partners. We have already seen the advantages of such a cooperation in the U.S. business where our U.S. commercial group has already formed and continues to drive our lab sales synergies by offering the full range of products.”

Increased collaboration for better, safer and faster dental care

The new SBU reportedly concentrates the entire portfolio for laboratories and enables technicians to handle the entire laboratory workflow with Dentsply Sirona products and solutions.

“By bringing our organization closer together, we will encourage more collaboration and the development of better, safer and faster solutions, which will truly add value for our lab partners, their dentist customers and ultimately the patient," Leonardi adds.