DENTSPLY International consolidates implant products under newly launched DENTSPLY Implants brand

In a move that makes a lot of sense as a follow up to the company's purchase of Astra Tech AB, DENTSPLY International announced the creation of its newest company DENTSPLY Implants.

In a move that makes a lot of sense as a follow up to the company's purchase of Astra Tech AB, DENTSPLY International announced the creation of its newest company DENTSPLY Implants. Beginning with North American operations this month, DENTSPLY Implants will be combining the implant product lines previously sold under the DENTSPLY Friadent, DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties and Astra Tech Dental brands.

For customers, this means ANKYLOS, XiVE and ASTRA TECH implant systems, as well as ATLANTIS patient specific abutments, surgical guides and 3D virtual planning will all be available from one source, DENTSPLY Implants. The company plans to continue supporting existing product lines from both of the previous brands while developing new options from the Implants business as well. The move should make it easier for the company's customers to find all their options for treating and restoring implant cases.

Read the full release below:

DENTSPLY International Launches New Global Business, DENTSPLY Implants, Beginning in North America in April 2012

York, PA - April 2, 2012 - Following its August 31, 2011 acquisition of Astra Tech AB, which operated the number three player in the global dental implant market - Astra Tech Dental, DENTSPLY International Inc. (NASDAQ: XRAY) now unites its innovative and growing dental implant-related businesses (DENTSPLY Friadent and Astra Tech Dental) into a new company - DENTSPLY Implants. The newly created business will actively market and sell products as DENTSPLY Implants in North America, beginning in April 2012.

DENTSPLY Implants offers a portfolio that is unique in its freedom to create predictable and lasting patient-specific implant solutions with an extensive line of dental implants, bone regenerative products, digital technologies and professional development tools. The portfolio includes: ANKYLOS®, XiVE® and ASTRA TECH Implant System™. It also includes ATLANTIS™ – patient specific CAD/CAM abutments, as well as 3D virtual surgical planning and surgical guides.

Jim Mosch, Executive Vice President DENTSPLY International and Group President DENTSPLY Implants states, “The solid history of both Astra Tech Dental and DENTSPLY Friadent, in combination with the strength of DENTSPLY International, creates a new, unique global foundation to exceed the expectations of today’s knowledgeable, demanding dental professionals. Current DENTSPLY Friadent and Astra Tech Dental customers can rest assured knowing that the world-class products they know and trust will continue to be supported and developed. We remain strongly committed to innovation and clinical research, and our shared vision continues – to increase the quality of life for patients worldwide.”

DENTSPLY Implants builds upon the fundamental values of a thorough scientific approach, a dedication to long-term clinical evidence and a strong customer focus. The new global DENTSPLY Implants business model will begin to take form in April beginning with North America.

“By joining Astra Tech Dental and the implant business from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties in North America, we will have a unique product portfolio gathered in one company, and supported by one sales force. We look forward to this great opportunity to build upon our partnership with dental professionals in providing optimal care to their implant patients,” says Scott Root, President of DENTSPLY Implants, North America.

About DENTSPLY International:

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