Dentron Systems partners with Owandy Radiology

Dentron will now be able to offer the leading panoramic units on the market.

Dentron Systems is proud to announce a new partnership with Owandy Radiology, enabling the company to offer the leading panoramic units on the market.

I-MAX 2D wall-mount units reportedly offer optimum patient positioning with face-to-face operation. The new ALI-S (automated layer integration system) is designed to immediately and automatically select the best shots in order to display a perfect image, with no intervention on the user's part. The I-MAX is also unique in its didactic and almost educational, human-machine interface (HMI). The imaging tools and enhancing filters are reportedly automatically integrated in the control software.

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I-MAX Touch 3D is a CBCT unit that is well respected among professionals. Aside from its refined design, elegance, user-friendliness, image quality and reliability, the I-MAX Touch 3D is said to offer the best adapted volume for dental use. It reportedly guarantees the capture of the entire jaw with a single exposure, including impacted molars, regardless of patient morphology. The image generated with the flat panel sensor is designed to allow the practitioner to ascertain a precise diagnosis within seconds.

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